Are Ridgeline Jackets Built for Durability?

Are Ridgeline Jackets Built for Durability?

Are Ridgeline Jackets Built for Durability?

Having a reliable and trusted outdoor jacket is like having peace of mind. 

We all know that British weather is unpredictable, and so it's important to have an outer layer that you can put on when you wake up to those rainy or cloudy mornings. This waterproof jacket becomes your go-to; your perfect choice for any outdoor activities. Whether you're a farmer, a hunter, or just an all-round general outdoors person, you need a quality jacket to see you through.

And that's where Ridgeline clothing come in.

Ridgeline clothing is known for its outstanding performance that is designed for the adventurous and the committed. In particular, Ridgeline jackets are popular with anyone seeking top quality durability clothing.

Putting on a Ridgeline jacket is just simply reinforcing that peace of mind, and Hollands is here to show you why.  


Who are Ridgeline?

Ridgeline are originally a New Zealand brand, who have now expanded and made their name globally.

They started off by providing functional and purpose-built clothing to the New Zealand hunting community, and it quickly took off from there. With quality and exceptional features firmly in their foundations, Ridgeline began its journey into becoming a well-known name in the outdoor and hunting game. 

Nowadays, Ridgeline remains as a confident choice for anybody heading out into the field for work or play. As an outdoor clothing specialist, they rigorously and thoroughly test all their products to make sure they are fit for an adventure. 


What are Ridgeline Jackets Typically Used For?

Hunter Wearing a Ridgeline Evolution Dynamic Jacket

What is so loved about Ridgeline jackets is their versatility. 

Built for the outdoors, these jackets will help you tackle the wild and windy weather on the farm or hunt, as well as their attractive designs and great fit allowing for practical everyday use too. 

They are commonly used in the following outdoor pursuits:

  • Hunting & shooting
  • Stalking
  • Beating
  • Farming or agricultural work
  • Bush or field winter walks

All-in-all, they are a great piece of clothing to have in your outdoor gear wardrobe. 


Technical Features of Ridgeline Jackets

The innovation and modern features included in these jackets helps their impressive performance out in the field. 

Throughout the Ridgeline jacket range, you'll often see the following features:

  • High Waterproof Rating
  • Use of Breathable Fabrics
  • Durable Water Repellence (DWR) - used to make the water droplets bead and roll off the outer material
  • Taped Seams 
  • 2 or 3 Layer Membrane
  • Moisture Vapour Transition Rate (MVTR) - used to illustrate how much water vapour is able to pass through a square meter of the jacket's membrane within 24 hours

All the Ridgeline jackets in the Hollands' collection have a handy features list on the product page, so it's quick and easy to see what you're getting with each. 


The Durability of Ridgeline Jackets

Ridgeline jackets are jackets that are able to handle what's thrown at them. 

Built on a history of protection, comfort, and Kiwi spirit, Ridgeline prides themselves on providing clothing that is adventure ready. Their top quality jackets are robust, hard-wearing, and always a solid, reliable choice. 

Committed to the best fit, with adjustable cuffs and full-protection hoods, these jackets incorporate a breathable and lightweight design. Their waterproof and windproof capabilities are second-to-none, and the use of two-way zips creates added ventilation and control over the jacket. 

Find plenty of hip and chest pockets, abrasion resistant materials, and much more throughout their range. With such incredible attention to detail and weather protection, it's easy to see why Ridgeline jackets are considered to be durable, comfortable, and purpose driven. 


Types of Ridgeline Jackets

Ridgeline have a range of jackets, from the traditional jacket styles to those suited to combat extreme weather conditions. 

Of course, you have the classic Ridgeline Monsoon Classic Jacket, which is synonymous with quality and functionality. This jacket is known for its superior comfort and performance in hunting, and remains one of the best in the Ridgeline clothing collection.



The Ridgeline Frontier Jacket is another firm favourite, and there's also a camouflage design in the Ridgeline Grizzly III Jacket. Whatever your preference or need, Ridgeline has an outdoor jacket that will soon become that go-to choice hanging by the front door. 

And let's not forget the Ridgeline smocks. A smock is a great alternative to a jacket, and it can provide further freedom of movement that may be needed for your hunt or outdoor adventure. The Ridgeline Monsoon Smock is one of the best-sellers, but there are plenty more to choose from in their smock range. 

Weather becoming either milder or bitterly cold? Ridgeline fleece jackets are fantastic choices for mid or outer layers, and get backpack ready with their waterproof trousers and great accessories. 


How to Care for Ridgeline Jackets

Once you've found your perfect jacket, it's important to maintain it. 

Follow these simple, straightforward care tips:

  1. When the coat is dry, gently brush off any loose mud or dirt
  2. Zip up the jacket and any pockets
  3. Wash at 30C using a specialist wash-in cleaner that is designed to protect the waterproof membrane - do not use normal detergent! Alternatively, you can hand wash the jacket
  4. Let the jacket air dry, ideally hung up, at room temperature; avoiding direct heat from radiators, open fires, airing cupboards.

And don't worry, Hollands has a wide collection of care and cleaning products that will help you in looking after your favourite Ridgeline jacket!



Ridgeline jackets are created to be a staple part of your outdoor gear. 

The numerous jackets available from Ridgeline showcase their innovation, design skills, and desire to bring you to the adventure. The durability offered by these jackets sees them suiting a range of outdoor activities in any type of weather. 

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