The Best Hoggs of Fife Boots for Work Safety and Comfort

The best hoggs boots for work safety and comfort

The Best Hoggs of Fife Boots for Work Safety and Comfort

Finding your perfect pair of work boots can often feel like a day's graft in itself. The endless choices, technical sounding features, and array of styles... sometimes it can leave you not knowing which part of the boot is up, and which part is down!

So, if you're just simply looking for the best pair of work boots that are designed for your safety and your comfort, then let us introduce you to Hoggs of Fife boots

Who are Hoggs of Fife?

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Hoggs of Fife is a Scottish brand, who have been crafting country footwear since 1888.

Priding themselves on being made from quality, Hoggs is family-run, with a passion for the land. Their long history of creating tough footwear for field professionals has now resulted in a trusted and well-respected reputation throughout the agricultural industry and beyond.

Their knowledge and expertise in all things boots, shoes, and wellies continues to evolve and innovate, whilst remaining true to the core values this brand was built on - durability, comfort, and high-quality materials.


Where are Hoggs of Fife Boots Made?

Hoggs of Fife is truly and proudly Scottish. This brand was set up in Fife by Andrew Hogg, the craftsman founder, and, over a century later, still remains owned and managed by the Hogg family in Fife.

So you know that you are getting top quality products that are designed in Scotland, and then put to the test by professionals all over the country.


What Makes Hoggs of Fife Boots the Best?

When it comes to safety and comfort at work, you don't want to compromise for second best.

Work boots are an important part of your workwear, and this brand knows their boots. By putting your trust in Hoggs, you can expect an excellent quality product at the best value for your money.

Hoggs of Fife safety boots are well-designed, full of practical features and solid reliability to help you get the job done. What makes them the best is quite simple: Hoggs boots do what they set out to do, and that's to provide you with work safety and wearer comfort.

Plus, if you don't specifically need safety boots, there is a further fantastic range of durable and reliable footwear, including wellingtons. 


Safety Boots vs Non-Safety for Work?

Whether you need safety boots or non-safety boots is largely determined by the type of work you do.

There are many benefits of safety boots. They are designed to protect the foot, which is particularly important if you work in a hazardous environment, as we all know that accidents can happen. This is why safety boots are sometimes a necessity to comply with certain health and safety standards and laws that may exist for your workplace. These boots also offer grip on slippery surfaces and can be further bumped up with waterproof membranes, if needed.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your daily work routine and which kind of hazards do you come across?

  • How much distance will you be walking on average per day?

  • Do you work outdoors for any length of time?

If you are likely to encounter hazards, then you need to make sure your feet are protected and safety boots can help with this. It's also important to ensure you get a comfortable pair if you do lots of moving around, and to look out for weather protection features for any outdoor work.

These are a couple of examples of industries where safety boots are often a must:

  • Construction workers or tradesmen

  • Warehouse or factory workers

  • Farmers working with machinery 


Features of Safety Boots

All safety footwear must comply with EN ISO 20345:2021, which outlines the requirements that safety footwear must abide by in order to be used for general purpose.

Typically, today you will find these features in a good pair of safety boots:

  • Steel toecap or composite toecap

  • Steel mid sole

  • Sturdy soles that might offer oil or slip resistance

  • Ankle support

  • Breathability and comfort

  • Waterproof membrane

If you work around lots of heavy hazards, you will need the steel toe cap and the steel midsole. Working with flammable liquids or oils - look for those specific slip-resistant, oil-resistant soles. Waterproofness and moisture wicking lining for comfort can be extremely beneficial if you know your work takes you into the outdoors.


Best Hoggs of Fife Boots at Hollands

So now you've seen why you might need a pair of safety boots, and what features they should have, let's take a look at some of the best ones in the Hoggs boots collection.

Hoggs of Fife dealer boots are always a popular choice for an everyday work boot, due to their versatility and attractive design. The Hoggs of Fife Zeus Safety Dealer Boots, for example, are one of their best-sellers, and this is because it offers substantial excellent protection with its steel toe cap and steel mid sole, as well as being extremely comfortable to wear when you're grafting all day.

Hoggs of Fife Zeus Safety Dealer Boots


For more information on the Zeus boots, check out the Hollands Country Clothing YouTube Video below, featuring our very own Managing Director! 


Alongside the dealer boots, this Scottish brand also have sturdy and solid lace-up boots. They come in a few different designs and colours, and are substantial, hard-wearing boots that offer ankle support, superior comfort, and a confident fit. Look out for further features like abrasion resistance and a dual density outsole in their classic boots. Take a look at the Hoggs of Fife Artemis Safety Lace-Up Boot, which was the flagship boot from the Hoggs Professional Safety Footwear.

Hoggs Artemis Steel Toe Safety Boot

Further options are rigger boots, which are tough and modernly technical - showcasing Hoggs' commitment to getting you the best.

Find your next pair of safety boots in this Hoggs of Fife boots collection, and, as ever, if you need any assistance, give our customer services team a call.


Caring for Your Safety Boots

Hoggs boots are designed to be durable, but they do need a little care and attention every so often.

The first tip in caring for your safety boots is to make sure you start by getting the right size and fit. This will be the foundation for long-term success!

If the boots fit well, they're comfy and easy to wear, then you won't be forcing in your foot, which can cause damage to the heels of the boot. Use the pull tabs on the dealer boots to help you get the boots on and off, or make sure you untie the laces fully before taking off your lace-ups.

Follow these further tips to keep your boots in tip top condition:

  • Once dried off, use a shoe brush to gently remove any visible dirt or mud that's clung to the boots

  • Use lukewarm water and a clean cloth/brush to wipe down the boots - never put them in the washing machine

  • Air-dry your boots away from any direct heat (sunlight, fireplaces, radiators)

  • Use a leather conditioning product, like Hoggs Dubbin, to maintain and further protect

Look out for any signs of wear and tear, and then aim to replace as soon as you can. Work boots are made for work, after all!



Work boots need to be comfortable, reliable, and keep your feet protected. Hoggs of Fife boots are a dependable choice due to their great features and thoughtful designs.

In addition to the finest footwear, Hoggs of Fife also have an exceptional range of clothing and accessories that will add an undoubtable upgrade to your workwear wardrobe. They understand work safety and they understand comfort, which is why they remain one of the best.

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