Five Reasons Why Dubarry Boots are Worth Investing In

Five Reasons Why Dubarry Boots are Worth Investing In

Five Reasons Why Dubarry Boots are Worth Investing In

Investing in a pair of Dubarry boots is investing in a timeless and comfortable country lifestyle.

But, unless you're already a long-term fan of the brand, it can sometimes be difficult to take that plunge into the world of Dubarry - particularly with them sitting at that slightly higher price point than most leather country boots. 

So, to help you dip your toe in, we've put together a list of top five reasons why Dubarry boots are worth investing in. 


What is Dubarry of Ireland Known For?

People Walking in Dubarry Boots Through Water

Dubarry is an Irish brand that produces top-quality comfortable boots for both men and women.

Their name is derived from the famous French courtesan Madame du Barry, who was known for her impeccable style. Dubarry's boots combine classic country aesthetics with modern comfort technology, making them a favourite among outdoor enthusiasts.

Dubarry has been creating footwear since 1937, and their dedication to producing top-quality products has only grown stronger over time.


What are Dubarry Boots?

Being inspired by the sea and the rugged landscapes of the West of Ireland, a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors was instilled in this brand's foundation.

With a wide range of styles of country boots, sizes, and calf width options, these iconic boots are the perfect choice for a variety of occasions, from light horse riding to walks around town.

Their signature boots, such as the Dubarry Galway, feature stylish and traditional boot designs that cater to those who lead an active lifestyle. Additionally, their line-up includes deck shoes and Chelsea ankle boots, made with the same level of craftsmanship as their iconic country boots.


Benefits of Investing in Dubarry Boots

Two People Wearing Dubarry Boots in Water

These stylish boots are a fantastic investment due to their numerous benefits.

For your inspiration, peace of mind, or just simple curiosity, we've put together the following list of five reasons why Dubarry boots are worth investing in. 


Reason One: Created to Last

Dubarry boots are crafted with durability in mind, ensuring they can handle any challenge that comes their way.

Made of high-quality leather, they are designed to last. You are choosing quality country boots that will go the distance and offer long-lasting value. The craftsmanship that goes into making these boots is undeniable. The attention to detail and quality of materials used are guaranteed to ensure longevity.

There are two further steps Dubarry to take in order to ensure your boots last:

  • They offer a repair and resoling services to help customers extend the life of their boots even further, providing further evidence of their commitment to durability
  • Additionally, Dubarry boots come with a 12-month guarantee for added reassurance. 

If you're asking the question, "Do Dubarry boots last?" - there's only one simple answer: yes!


Reason Two: Comfortable and Protective

Dubarry boots are not only stylish and durable but also incredibly comfortable and protective.

Their range of country boots often have exceptional features and utilise innovative technology such as:

  • Gore-Tex membrane that provides waterproof protection and breathability
  • Duo compound and rubber sole for shock absorbency
  • Dryfast-drysoft™ leather
  • Maximum grip soles.

So, are Dubarry boots comfortable? Absolutely! Made with the highest quality materials and the latest technologies, these boots are perfect for all-day wear.

But, are Dubarry boots really waterproof? Yes, they are! Equipped with a GORE-TEX membrane, Dubarry boots protect your feet from cold and wet conditions. These breathable boots are a great addition to your outdoor gear.


Reason Three: Elegant Style With Signature Design Features

With their signature design features, Dubarry boots stand out from the crowd and contribute to their timeless appeal.

Their design features, such as the subtle calf stretch detail, are not just for aesthetics, but also showcase the craftsmanship and attention to detail put into the construction of each pair of boots.

The assortment of boots ensures that there is a style to suit every taste and occasion. You can pair them with a range of country clothing and head outdoors sure to impress.

Dubarry boots are not just a pair of boots, but a statement piece that can elevate any outfit and complete a polished look.


Reason Four: Versatile for Country Life

Person Standing Outside Wearing Dubarry Boots

Dubarry boots are the perfect investment for those who lead an active lifestyle in the countryside.

Those who love the outdoors love wearing Dubarry boots all the time! But, if you're asking: "When would I wear my new Dubarry boots?" - well, here are your choices:

  • Countryside walks 
  • Weekend family time in the garden or at the pub
  • Horse riding or days at the stables
  • Festivals 
  • Day at the races - Dubarry boots are often seen at Cheltenham
  • Seasonal events like the Chelsea Flower Show 
  • Coffee dates or shopping in town
  • Sailing
  • Anywhere you like!

Whether it's a walk in muddy country fields or a town excursion, these boots are versatile enough to transition from outdoor activities to stylish footwear. If you're after walking boots, waterproof boots, or you just need a great-looking country boot, Dubarry is your answer.

These boots have transformed the country boots marketplace and continue to be popular among individuals who seek quality outdoor footwear. You're even in Royal company by owning a pair - the late Queen and Kate Middleton were spotted out and about in their Dubarry boots. 


Reason Five: Easy to Maintain & Care For

One of the many advantages of investing in Dubarry boots is their ease of maintenance and care.

The brand provides a range of care products specifically designed to clean and protect their boots. The Dubarry Footwear Cleaner can effectively remove dirt and stains from the boots, while the Leather Cream can nourish and moisturise the leather, preventing it from drying out and cracking.

Proper care is crucial in order to prolong the lifespan of your boots. For example, it is recommended to wash them with tap water after coming in contact with ammonia-based substances, as these can cause permanent damage to the leather. Additionally, storing the boots with boot trees can help maintain their shape and prevent creases from forming.

Despite being high-quality boots, they are surprisingly easy to maintain, which makes them a practical and long-term investment for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors.



Dubarry boots are a popular choice for those who are seeking longevity, comfort, protection, signature design features, versatility, and easy maintenance in their footwear.

These boots stand out due to their intricate details, signature looks, and versatility as reliable country footwear. A perfect mix of functionality and style, they are designed to cater to any country activities and demands, whilst maintaining comfort and elegance.

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