Fleece Gilets | Jack Pyke Countryman vs Hoggs of Fife Woodhall

Fleece Gilets - Jack Pyke Countryman vs Hoggs of Fife Woodhall

Fleece Gilets | Jack Pyke Countryman vs Hoggs of Fife Woodhall

Outdoor adventurers and country enthusiasts are always on the lookout for high-quality clothing that can withstand the elements, whilst still looking stylish. Gilets have become a popular choice for those seeking versatility and freedom of movement, as they provide an extra layer of warmth without the bulk. 

The Jack Pyke Countryman Fleece Gilet and the Hoggs of Fife Woodhall Fleece Gilet are both highly-regarded options, but how do they stack up against each other?

Well, let's find out!

In this blog post, we will compare the design, materials, comfort, and overall performance of these two gilets. By the end, we hope you will be able to make an informed decision and find the perfect gilet for your outdoor adventures.


What Makes a Good Fleece Gilet?

A good gilet is essential for any outdoor enthusiast as it provides added warmth and comfort during colder weather conditions.

But what makes a good fleece gilet? Let's explore the key features that takes these garments up a level. 

It should have:

  • Quality Material - soft to touch and long-lasting, a gilet that will make you want to wear it all day, every day
  • Insulation - should be made from material that offers excellent insulation, trapping non-bulky warmth and preventing heat loss
  • Fit & Style - a well-fitting gilet with sculpted armholes will allow for easy, unrestricted movement and flexibility
  • Practical Pockets - if wearing as an outer layer, multiple pockets can be convenient for storing essentials
  • Durability - it should be built to last. Look for reinforced stitching and durable materials that can withstand the rigours of outdoor activities
  • Breathability - you don't want a gilet that feels as if it's clinging to you, it should allow for breathable comfort 
  • Easy Care - a garment being machine washable makes your life a bit easier, particularly one which you will be wearing a lot
  • Versatility - it should have the ability to be worn everywhere, whether that's on the farm, hiking up a mountain, nipping to the shops, or doing some gardening in the summer months.


When Could You Wear a Fleece Gilet?

A fleece gilet is a versatile outerwear piece that can be worn for various occasions and activities.

It is a great layering option for those blustery and wet autumn and winter days and can be easily added or removed according to changing temperatures. It is also perfect for those who love outdoor activities as it provides extra warmth and protection while allowing full freedom of movement.

They can be worn for:

  • Outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, camping, gardening
  • Everyday casual wear - when you're nipping to the shops or going for coffee with friends
  • Layering - under a shooting jacket when out in the field or under your waterproof jacket on the morning commute
  • Travelling - a gilet is a perfect companion for unknown temperatures when backpacking or on a city break
  • Events/Festivals - a great item to have on hand when you're attending a country show or musical festival. 


Key Features of the Jack Pyke Countryman Fleece Gilet

Jack Pyke Countryman Fleece Gilet

The Jack Pyke Countryman is a stylish and practical garment that is perfect for any outdoor activity.

Its key features consist of:

  • 300g thermal fleece
  • Two zipped external pockets
  • Adjustable waist
  • Nubuck trim
  • Full length double puller zip
  • Multiple colourways.


Pros and Cons of the Jack Pyke Countryman Fleece Gilet

The Jack Pyke Countryman has several advantages, which we've listed out below.


  1. Comfort & Warmth - the 300g thermal fleece is soft, dense, and keeps you warm even in chilly weather
  2. Ample Storage - the two zipped external pockets provides easy carrying of your essentials
  3. Customisable Fit - the adjustable waist feature ensures a snug fit, which also makes it perfect for layering under a jacket
  4. Attractive Design - the nubuck trim adds a touch of elegance to the gilet; not only looking stylish, but adding durability
  5. Versatility - coming in multiple colour options, wearers can find the perfect option for their individual style. It can be worn for as part of your workwear and your weekend wear
  6. Practicality - the two way zip adds ventilation and creates a functional gilet that is easy to wear.

However, there are some factors to consider.


  1. More Relaxed Fit - particularly around the armholes, as they aren't sculpted. This may not suit everyone, particularly for those who prefer a more snug fit 
  2. Style Limitations - although incredibly versatile for use within country pursuits, this gilet would be harder to dress up for a smart casual occasion.

Overall, it's clear to see that the Countryman fleece has many positive factors to boast about. Although it doesn't have sculpted armholes and may not be suitable for dressier events, it's still a quality garment that is practical, comfortable, and great to wear. 


Key Features of the Hoggs of Fife Woodhall Fleece Gilet

Hoggs of Fife Woodhall Fleece Gilet

The Hoggs of Fife Woodhall is a top-quality option for those who need both warmth and mobility.

Its key features include: 

  • Material Composition: 100% polyester anti-pilling fleece 320gsm weight
  • Two handy zip-closure pockets
  • Adjustable drawcord him with elasticated cord
  • Faux suede trim
  • Machine Washable
  • Sculpted arm holes.


Pros and Cons of the Hoggs of Fife Woodhall Fleece Gilet

The Hoggs of Fife Woodhall has many merits to boast, which are given below. 


  1. Comfortable Fit - the use of sculpted armholes gives this gilet a nice secure, comfy feel, and the adjustable features add to a customised fit
  2. Wind Resistant Features - the collar of this gilet is wind-resistant, which means that those nasty chills are helped to be kept at bay!
  3. Versatility - a great gilet for farming, hiking, or just going out and about on the weekend 
  4. High-Quality Materials - of course, it's Hoggs of Fife so you know they don't settle for second best when it comes to their garments! 
  5. Warmth - the soft touch fleece adds a nice insulating mid - layer, but also gives you enough warmth to be worn as an outer layer when the weather is mild
  6. Easy to Wear - not only does this fleece gilet provide exceptional freedom of movement when worn, it is also machine washable for easy care. 

On the other hand, it is worth noting that there may be some factors to assess before purchase. 


  1. Sizing - some customer feedback suggests it runs a little small, so this is worth bearing in mind when choosing which size to go for
  2. Limited Colours - unlike the Countryman, this gilet is only offered in two colours. However, the Navy and Green are classic country colours that are easy to match with other items. 

Overall, it's clear the Hoggs of Fife Woodhall is one of the quality gilets seen on the market today. Despite it only being offered in a couple of different colours, it is an ideal mid-layer that's full of practical features. A comfortable, versatile garment that will quickly become a favourite. 


Which Fleece Gilet is Right For You?

Taking into consideration the key features, alongside the pros and cons, it's time to look at determining which one is the one for you. 

To help you decide, we will discuss the following factors:

  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Practical Features
  • Value for Money.



Both the Jack Pyke Countryman and Hoggs of Fife Woodhall fleece gilets offer comfortable mid-layer options for outdoor enthusiasts. 

The soft fleece material of both makes them easy to wear, and they both offer all-day comfort and core warmth to the wearer. Whether you're heading out into the fields on a shoot, or doing a hard day's graft in the farm yard, either one of these gilets will be a welcomed addition to your outfit. 

One difference in comfort levels between the two options is that the Hoggs of Fife Woodhall gilet includes faux suede reinforcements on the armholes and collar. This added feature guarantees extra protection in areas that are most susceptible to wear and tear. 

Ultimately, both gilets offer quality comfort, but the Hoggs of Fife Woodhall Gilet may be preferable for those who prioritise added protection.



Hoggs of Fife has built a reputation as a trusted producer of high-quality and hard-wearing clothing for the fieldsports and farming community. The company has over 130 years of experience in the industry, and their products are known for their durability, functionality, and style.

The Woodhall gilet is a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence. Its design showcases the thorough detail evident throughout the whole Hoggs of Fife collection. 

Similarly, Jack Pyke are also known for their practical yet desirable products. If it's one thing that they do well, it's making sure that their customers have a top quality garment at an affordable price.

Their fleece gilets are solid and reliable additions in their collection, and the Countryman is one of their best-sellers. It's not hard to see why when you look at the design - it's a great garment that looks good, whilst remaining fit for purpose. 

Overall, both of these gilets has earned its place as a dependable, good-looking fleece gilet. 


Practical Features

When it comes to choosing a practical and functional country fleece, both the Jack Pyke Countryman and Hoggs of Fife Woodhall options deliver impressive features. These gilets are designed to provide warmth and functionality in various outdoor activities.

One key feature to consider is the presence of zipped pockets on both gilets. These pockets provide secure storage for small essentials such as keys, wallets, or mobile phones, ensuring that they are easily accessible when needed. Additionally, the adjustable waists allows for a customised fit, ensuring that the gilet stays in place during movement and provides maximum comfort.

Another important feature is the sculpted armholes which the Hoggs of Fife Woodhall Fleece Gilet has. These armholes are specifically designed to allow for freedom of movement, making this gilet have a more tailored and snug fit. This can be useful when used as a mid-layer. 

The Jack Pyke Countryman Fleece Gilet, on the other hand, has the two-way zip; which allows for added ventilation. 

So, it depends on what specifically you are looking for out of your gilet. Do you prefer a garment with a two-way zip? Or are the sculpted armholes more of a draw for you? The choice is yours!


Value for Money

When it comes to finding value for money, the Jack Pyke Countryman and Hoggs of Fife Woodhall options are both excellent choices.

In terms of pricing, both gilets offer competitive options. Sitting at similar retail prices, the Woodhall is ever so slightly more expensive, but both are at affordable, reasonable prices. 

It is safe to say that both the Jack Pyke Countryman and Hoggs of Fife Woodhall gilets represent a good investment due to their practical features, quality materials, and affordability.

With satisfied customer feedback and popularity, these gilets offer value for money and are worth considering for those in need of a reliable mid-layer or practical outerwear option.



So, both of these gilets have been established as great contenders for their warmth, style, and functionality, putting them as firm favourites for outdoor enthusiasts and country lovers alike.

Whether you opt for the Hoggs of Fife Woodhall Fleece Gilet or the Jack Pyke Countryman Fleece Gilet, you can be sure to find a high-quality and stylish garment that will be a reliable and practical addition to your outdoor wardrobe. 

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