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Tom Pemberton's Farm Blog

Hello everyone, so as you may have seen on my social media channels. I AM BALD! I hit 100,000 subscribers this month on YouTube and I stupidly made a promise when I was on around 20,000 subscribers, that when I hit 100k I’d shave my head. I made this promise thinking it would never happen to me, ‘I will never hit 100k subs.’ Well here I am today with a very cold head ha-ha. Honestly fantastic news, I was speechless and felt truly blessed, so huge thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Tom Pemberton having a hair cut in farm barn

After last month I mentioned we TB tested all of our cows this is very nerve wracking for any farmer and due to us selling raw milk we have to do it more than the regular farm. It is one of the hardest days I would say on the farm as takes hours, a lot of moving cattle about which is tiring and just an overall long day. However always worth it and I am pleased to say we did it and we passed which is brilliant news. Phew, we are ok for another couple of years.

Once that was out of the way, I don’t know about everyone else but where we are based the weather has been awful. It hasn’t stopped raining and we’ve had some serious flooding in the fields. A lot of people think cows want to be out all the time, but I can tell you now they don’t. At the beginning of October, we let them out after milking which normally they love but this time they weren’t for going. They wait by the gate until next milking because like us they want to be warm and inside. Therefore, we made the decision to bring them in. This is the earliest we have brought cows in, 6 weeks earlier than last year which meant it was time to clear out the sheds! I ask myself, why I didn’t clear this out over summer when I had time, but hey ho we all make mistakes ha-ha.

I don’t know about you guys but over summer I get used to cows being outside and end up leaving things, storing things in the sheds and giving myself more work for when it’s time to bring them back in. Mission, clear the sheds was a go. I don’t know if you saw my YouTube video a year ago but we bought matts for our cows to lie on, so it was more comfortable for them. Dad decided to start screwing them down which I wasn’t happy about, as I thought they’d be a pain to clean down. Well I am ok to admit I was wrong and wished we’d done them all now as the ones we didn’t do, all slip and slide about and actually cause more mess due to sawdust and muck getting all in-between them. Sometimes you have to admit when you were wrong and listen to the older generation. A note for my future self and if I don’t remember in the future to listen to my father (aka Ginger Warrior) then you have this to remind me! 

Cleaning farm building

Once the sheds were clear it was time to bring the cows in. It was nice to see them come in and get comfy on the newly bedded matts. In winter there’s a lot of moving cows about due to the amount of flooding we get in our fields. This is always hard for us because we live on a main road, so not only difficult for us, the cows but also the public who get very annoyed if we do it at certain times. If you want to see some hilarious videos of our attempt to move cows, then definitely go to my channel. The latest ‘Moooving’ cows’ video (yes I am a comedian ha-ha) takes more than a few attempts to round them up.


Later it was off to Cork in Ireland for a big young farmers event there. I went for just over 24 hours, mad busy but what a cracking event. Everyone was so kind and welcoming including me in all the activities. I Also got to meet some of my amazing subscribers as well, which is so nice. As I am always working and rarely venturing off the farm, I don’t get to meet many of you without you guys coming to me. So, it was so nice to see some friendly faces! Before I set off though, I had to learn how to pronounce the events name, it took a while, but with a few friends on Instagram’s help, I was off to Macra na ferime! I was invited there to go and be a speaker on a panel and for a farmer who’s used to being behind a camera with an audience of cows, to then speaking in front of A LOT of people was sooooooo nerve wracking. My palms get sweaty, the fear is real but then give me a mic and I managed it. Although as the Irish mentioned I speak incredibly quick, meaning for them I was a bit hard to understand. My bad guys, I’ll work on it but it’s a nervous thing ha-ha. Hopefully the more I do I’ll get used to it. Overall though such a great trip, had a blast but always happy to get back to my cows. 

Tom Pemberton farm life

To finish off an incredible, busy but amazing month. We had such a beautiful calf born from one of my favourite cows 132. We kept her in for calving but made sure she kept going outside for a walk around. This was her fifth time calving, which meant there was a high chance of her getting milk fever. Therefore, it was so important for me to monitor her, give her a bolus before and after the calving and to ensure she had fresh water after. My beautiful 132 calved in the middle of the night calved all on her own to a BEA-UT-IFUL baby boy! Always a great way to finish off any month with a happy, healthy calf. He was up walking in no time and taking in Pemberton’s Farm with his mum and other friends.

New calf


  • Bruce Andrew: March 11, 2021

    Hello Tom -Jo -Paw-Heidi and all the Pemberton crew. I enjoy all your post and way you farm. Just got into this you tube thing but have a great time (in this negative 35-C Thunder Bay Canada ) watching your post. Grew up on a small dairy farm in the 50-60 not at all like the modern today’s standards. (all so like the Sask,Dutch Kids modern posts) Cannot get pictures of merchandise on your merchandise site but will keep trying. Keep up the great work waiting for more. Stay Safe.

  • Julie Nunez: January 03, 2021

    Hi Tom I love the videos I’m from Mesa Arizona I would love to go over there and see your farm I am totally amazed in how you do everything it’s awesome I see that you do love the farm life which I think is a Lotta Lotta Lotta work you have to do and I love all your clothing products keep going you’re doing awesome lots of love from Mesa Arizona Julie Nunez;)

  • Jessica Plantier: September 07, 2020

    I love your videos….where can I buy the field post scratcher?
    Asking for my horses !


  • JENNIFER klessen: June 30, 2020


  • Irven R Rathburn: June 26, 2020

    Tom grate you tub videos .I never miss any your father is grate to . Are you going to buy a new case .I hope you do well buy for now good luck !!!

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