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Tom Pemberton's farm life update october

We’ve gone from hot sunshine and wearing vests to now wet weather, floods and back wearing my boiler suit. Wow, what a difference a week can make in the North west! Here at Pembertons Farm it’s been a busy couple of months. Therefore, I have lots to update you guys on but where to start. Last time it was a poorly calf, second silage cut and a once in a lifetime trip to Austria with Mercedes Benz. This time we’ve now completed our third and final cut, we’ve had a new toy arrive on the farm, I’ve broken yet another drone, hit another landmark in my subscribers and started TBing. I’m exhausted even typing it ha-ha, so I’ll dive straight in…


The third and final cut was great, the weather was beautiful, and it was an all-round successful cut. We did start a couple of weeks late due to other commitments and the weather being hit and miss, which meant some of the grass had started to come to head. Saying that, the grass was still brilliant quality and full of energy to feed our cows with over the winter months. If you watch my videos, you’ll see my Dad AKA the Ginger warrior loves his grass, could talk about it all year round and overall, he was pleased with the cut which meant it must be good. Normally we never get a third cut, so it just goes to show how good the weather has been this year, how changing our grazing system has worked and the little bit of sodium we put on seemed to help too. Nothing is ever easy though as our main tractor decided to get a flat tyre half way through which again slowed down the process when we were already behind schedule but we did it and we’ve completed 2019 silage cuts! WAHOO! I do love that time of year, although it’s hard it’s worth it to see the results and the feed we’ve got for our cows. If you like tractors and want to see them in action head over to my YouTube channel.

farm field harvest

Pemberton farm tractor

Next it was onto sheeting up and celebrating another huge milestone for me 90,000 subscribers. Holy Cow (excuse the pun), I couldn’t believe it. I mean me, really? 90,000. IT’S SO COOL! I know I say it a lot but I feel truly blessed and so grateful to everyone who tunes into watch my videos and read this blog. It means a great, great deal. Whilst I was filming my video expressing my excitement another thing happened which soon brought me back down to earth… Yes, you guessed it another drone crash! If you follow my channel, you’ll know I have been through a fair few drones in the last couple of years. I never had them insured before but luckily this time I used by brain and got it insured! PC world were so helpful and I am now back droning my videos but I couldn’t believe it at the time. You couldn’t write it ha-ha!  

Tom Pemberton farm life drone


Next it was onto worming the cattle. If you’re a farmer, you’ll know worming cattle is so important. At the other farm where we keep some of our cattle their poop started looking a bit thing which is a big sign of worming, so it was important we got it done. We were going to wait till after we’d TB’d everything, but it got pushed back another week. Therefore, we decided to get it done and make sure all our cows were protected, happy and healthy. The first lot we did under the skin via injection due to them not going anywhere in the next 66 days but the Wagyu cattle we needed to do orally as they were moving on in less than 66 days. Believe it or not this is actually a bit trickier because they don’t like you grabbing their faced. I would always recommend not touching their noses to get them in position as they don’t like it and it just stressing them out. Luckily, we only had a few of them to do orally though, so jobs a gooden.


A couple of weeks later it was on to TB all 270 cattle. Not going to lie, this job is hard work on top of milking morning and night. It’s messy, tiring, no rest and also nerve racking because you’re always praying those results come back clear a couple of days later. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen I was covered in poop and it’s safe to say my girlfriend was not impressed by my aroma when I got in from work ha-ha! Our Vet Susie was absolutely brilliant along with my helpers for the day. A real team effort by all.  Due to us selling raw milk at the farm it means we have to do this yearly rather than every four years, which is not only a pain for us, the cows but also the vets however it is worth it so we can sell our raw milk to all our lovely, loyal customers. We did film the whole process on YouTube so if you haven’t TB’d before or want to see how we do it, it’s a great insight into what goes behind it all. Not to mention TBing Highlands with horns is always fun ha-ha! I think the thing with TBing is it’s a long day especially when you have a lot of cattle. Every farmer dreads the moment when someone says you have TB on the farm so it’s a big day on any farm. Luckily, we have never had it but I do know other farmers who have suffered with it. We get our results back in the next few days so I will have to let you all know in the next blog. FINGERS CROSSED we’re all ok! 

TB vaccine for cow

Lastly, I have been given a new toy on the farm for the next 6 months. WAHOO boys and their toys! I have been given a Can-am quad bike to try out which is something new for me as we don’t really use quad bikes. However saying that since I’ve received it, I have found it incredibly helpful. Again, I have only just got it but I like what I have seen from it so far. It’s very smooth to drive and definitely made for the outdoors. I will update you on this next time as well. I hope everyone’s having a great week and a good start to the month, Autumn is well and truly upon us. You can tell the weathers changing as we are already thinking about bringing cows in, which is a lot early than other years, but boy has it put some rain down.

quad bike and cows


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