Top 5 Men's Shooting Jackets for Every Budget

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Top Five Men's Shooting Jackets for Every Budget

Top 5 Men's Shooting Jackets for Every Budget

Shooting jackets are essential for any serious shooter. They provide comfort, protection, and functionality while on the range or in the field.

However, finding the right jacket that meets your needs and fits your budget can be a daunting task. With numerous options available in the market, it's important to choose wisely so you can find a jacket that ticks all the boxes without burning a hole in your pocket. 

To simply your search for the perfect jacket, we've complied a list of the top five men's shooting jackets that offer superior quality and practicality, all at various price points. 

So, let's dive into the world of shooting jackets and find the right one for you. 


Why Should You Invest in a Shooting Jacket?

Investing in a shooting jacket is beneficial for several reasons.

We've covered what makes a great shooting jacket on a separate blog post, but for those wondering why they should invest in one of these jackets, we've listed out some of the reasons below:

  • Protection - this is important because you need protection not just from the elements (those sudden downpours or gusts of wind), but from the natural environment around you. Thorns, bushes, rough terrain, it all has the potential to cause hazards, and having a sturdy jacket on can help protect you
  • Comfort - you need to feel comfortable throughout your shoot and by choosing a jacket that allows for freedom of movement, you can wear it for extended periods of time and not be just counting down until you can take it off
  • Durability - shooting isn't just a one-time event, so if you have a decent, reliable jacket that does everything it's supposed to do, then it will last season after season
  • Functionality - having a jacket that does what it says on the tin means you've got a jacket that is specifically designed to help you during shoot day. Look for practical features, like multiple pockets and adjustable hoods
  • Style - a jacket that gives off a professional, polished appearance out on the field can set you up for a successful shoot. When you look confident, you feel confident. 


    Which Key Features Affect the Price of a Shooting Jacket?

    When it comes to shooting jackets, the price can vary depending on several key features that affect their overall quality and functionality. 

    There are a few main factors which often influence the price:

    • Material - lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as those made with Gore-Tex technology, are often found in higher-priced jackets. These materials offer excellent protection against the elements while allowing for maximum comfort and range of movement
    • Waterproof Rating - waterproof protection is another feature that can drive up the price of a shooting jacket. Jackets with waterproof fabrics and storm flaps provide extra protection against rain and moisture, making them ideal for outdoor activities
    • Breathability - having a good waterproof rating doesn't always mean that the garment will be breathable, which can then impact on how comfortable you feel wearing it. A high-quality hunting jacket will opt for the perfect blend of both
    • Practical Features - multiple pockets, adjustable cuffs and hems, detachable hoods, these are just some of the handy elements of a jacket that sees it taken to the next level. The more functional the jacket is, the more the price increases
    • Technology & Innovation - utilising modern technologies and advanced innovation means that the jacket can warrant that higher price bracket. More bang for your bucks, essentially!
    • Brand Reputation - this is a biggie, as we all know that brand names can bump up prices. But, equally, it's helpful to know which brands pride themselves on affordability, and which are aiming for the more premium appeal. This way, you can steer yourself in the right direction, depending on your budget. 


    Top 5 Mens Shooting Jackets

    Hollands' full collection of mens shooting jackets boasts a wide range, from affordable right up to the premium.

    This list sticks to a range between just under £100 to just over £400, but there are further higher priced options available if you would like to invest further. 

    So, let's find out which jackets are sitting where in the market, and what they have to offer. 


    1. Jack Pyke Hunters Jacket 

    Jack Pyke Hunters Jacket

    At the lower price range, the Jack Pyke Hunting Jacket stands out as a top choice for men's shooting jackets due to its impressive combination of practical features and reasonable price.

    Some of its key attributes which make it worth considering are:

    • Waterproof rating of 10,000mm, plus breathability of 1,000 G/M² makes for excellent protection from the elements
    • Quality two-way zipper creates an ease of movement and added ventilation
    • Elasticated wrists and concealed hood in pocket provides further protection and a customisable fit
    • Multiple pockets, such as two bellow pockets with cartridge holders, hand warmer pockets, and an internal chest pocket, offer ample space for storing essentials on shoot day.

    The affordability of this jacket from Jack Pyke makes it an attractive option, and it's clear to see that it does this without compromising on quality or style. It usually sits at a retail price around £90, but can go slightly lower during sales or discounts.

    So, if you're on a bit of a tight budget, this one is a reliable and practical choice. 


    2. Percussion Rambouillet Original Waterproof Jacket

    Percussion Rambouillet Original Waterproof Jacket

    Sitting in a competitive price range, the Percussion Rambouillet Shooting Jacket is definitely a jacket to be considered if you're able to bump up a budget a little. 

    In terms of technical and practical features, the Rambouillet doesn't disappoint. Some of its main characteristics are:

    • Six inside pockets, handwarmer pockets, and many more pockets throughout this jacket makes for an efficient garment 
    • Elasticated and button fastening cuffs ensure a snug fit and help to keep the elements out
    • 100% quilted lining provides extra warmth and insulation
    • Waterproof and breathable membrane keeps you dry and comfortable in all weather conditions, plus the use of taped seams adds an extra layer of waterproof protection
    • Ventilation zips under the arms allow for air circulation and prevent overheating, which is perfect for those long shoot days out in the field.

    In addition to its practicality and technical features, the Rambouillet exudes a classic style. It has a timeless design that will never go out of fashion. And the best part? Retailing around £135, it's still incredibly affordable, making it accessible to shooters of all budgets. 

    If you're in the market for a shooting jacket that offers functionality, comfort, and style without breaking the bank, look no further than this one. 


    3. Ridgeline Monsoon Classic Jacket

    Ridgeline Monsoon Classic Jacket

    Creeping up a little price-wise, but justifiably so, the Ridgeline Monsoon Classic Jacket is a practical option for shooters of all levels. 

    It has several standout features which makes it a clear contender for a favourite shooting jacket, such as:

    • 10,000mm waterproof rating and 5,000mm breathable rating for reliable wet weather protection
    • In addition, the 3-layer laminate, sealed seams, and waterproof zip protection creates an overall exceptional weather protection that succeeds in keeping you dry even in the depths of winter
    • Adjustable features create a personalised fit, such as the adjustable cuffs for a snug fit around the wrists, and the large hood with peak and 3 point adjustment ensures optimal protection from the elements
    • Convenient pockets, such as a zipped chest pocket, so you can take what you need with you when you head out shooting or hunting
    • Two colour options, with the Ridgeline Monsoon Jacket coming in a stunning olive colour, as well as a camouflage pattern 
    • Versatile design means this jacket is not just your new shooting jacket, it can be worn for farming, hiking, or just when you're out and about. Perfect for the busy man who doesn't like to have a bulky wardrobe!

    Its reliable weather protection and adjustable features make it a must-have for any outdoor activity. Retailing just under £200, you might be digging a little deeper into your pockets, but what you get in return is worth it. 

    Whether you're hunting, shooting, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, this shooting jacket is sure to keep you comfortable and protected.


    4. Deerhunter Muflon Jacket

    The Deerhunter Muflon Jacket is the ultimate shooting jacket for hunting enthusiasts who want to treat themselves to a superior, high-quality garment. 

    No matter what you're looking for in your shooting jacket, it's likely that Deerhunter have included it. The Muflon boasts an exceptional array of features:

    • Crafted from a high-quality material composition of 100% polyester, reinforced with 50% polyamide and 50% polyurethane, this jacket is incredibly durable
    • The technical Deer-Tex membrane provides 100% wind and waterproof protection, allowing you to stay comfortable and fully dry in even the harshest conditions
    • Additionally, the breathable membrane ensures optimal airflow, preventing overheating during physical activities
    • 3M Thinsulate insulation is perfect for keeping you warm on long winter shoots
    • The detachable hood with a chin guard provides extra protection, while the multiple pockets offer ample storage space for essential gear
    • Side slits and adjustable cuffs with Velcro straps contribute to a comfortable fit, and the sturdy two-way YKK zip ensures durability
    • This jacket is specifically designed to allow hunters to move comfortably and quietly in the field - the lightweight and breathable material, plus 4-way stretch fabric, ensures a maximum range of movement. Whether you're tracking your target or traversing tricky terrains, this jacket won't restrict your range of motion.

    You get what you pay for with the Deerhunter Muflon Jacket - it's a shooting jacket that has been designed to be the ideal companion for all your hunting endeavours. It retails at just over £350, but look out for those special deals or discounts.

    Invest in the Deerhunter Muflon Jacket and elevate your hunting experience to the next level.


    5. Harkila Retrieve Jacket

    Harkila Retrieve Jacket

    Finally, there is the Harkila Retrieve Jacket. This top-of-the-line garment offers fantastic protection and practical features for hunters who demand excellence in their outdoor gear.

    It's hard not to be impressed by this jacket, with its thoughtful features and impeccable design. Some of its main merits are:

    • Thanks to its HWS Harkila Waterproof System, the Retrieve Jacket is 100% waterproof, windproof, and highly breathable.
    • The jacket also features a high collar with a pack-away hood, providing additional protection when needed
    • Made with a blend of 38% cotton, 30% polyurethane, 20% polyester, and 6% nylon, the main fabric of this jacket is durable and weather-resistant. The Retrieve Jacket is designed with a peached Oxford 2L fabric, which gives it a soft and comfortable feel.
    • It also has a 2-way robust zip underneath the front storm flap for added protection
    • The jacket is padded with a 20g ThermoPoly shield, a super soft and fine padding that offers warmth and insulation without adding bulk
    • Its seven pockets provide ample storage space for all your shooting essentials. These pockets include a game pocket, large cartridge storage front hip pockets with flap coverage, and hand-warming pockets. With these pockets, you can easily keep your gear organised and within reach
    • The stylish, attractive design of this jacket gives a polished, professional appearance to your shooting attire. If you're looking to impress out on the field, the Harkila Retrieve is the jacket of choice
    • Part of the Retrieve collection, which means it's easy to pair with trousers, pullovers, shirts, waistcoats, and several accessories. Start with the key shooting jacket element, and then create a full outfit in an instant. 

    At a price point of just under £450, it's definitely an investment piece, but one that showcases why Harkila is considered a premium brand for hunters.

    There's no doubt that the Harkila Retrieve Jacket is perfect for shooting or hunting, and it will quickly take pride of place in your wardrobe. 



    These exceptional jackets showcase all the very best things about shooting jackets, and this list is designed to help you find one that meets your needs for both budget and functionality. 

    So, stay protected, comfortable, and stylish on all your shooting adventures with jackets that are built for the great outdoors. 

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