Why Do Equestrians Love Ariat Boots?

Why Do Equestrians Love Ariat Boots?

Exploring Why Equestrians Love Ariat Riding Boots

Ariat is a well-known brand in the equestrian community, trusted by riders around the world.

With a dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, Ariat boots have become the go-to choice for all riders; from the professional to the enthusiast beginners. From their superior comfort to their stylish aesthetic, these boots offer a range of benefits that make them a top choice for riders of all disciplines.

In this blog post, we wanted to explore just exactly why Ariat riding boots are an equestrian's best friend. So, saddle up and let's dive into what makes these boots the ultimate riding companion.


Why is it Called Ariat?

Ariat holds a name that is not only distinctive but also significant.

Unsurprisingly, the brand's name has equestrian roots. Beth Cross, Ariat's CEO and Founder, explains the inspiration behind the name by drawing your attention back to 1973 and the Kentucky Derby. 

Secretariat, often regarded as the greatest racehorse of all time, won the Derby, and then went on to win the Triple Crown that year. This stunning achievement set the tone for a company who now embody the relentless competitive spirit and athleticism of Secretariat himself. 


Why Are Ariat Boots So Well-Known?

Founded on a strong foundation of technology and innovation, Ariat has become a leading name in the industry. 

The brand's primary goal is to create the highest quality products for equestrian athletes, ranging from Ariat breeches to competition boots, with a focus on combining performance, comfort, and durability.

 Some of the main reasons why these boots are so popular are:

  1. Use of Premium Materials: The brand never compromises on the quality of the materials it uses for the construction of its footwear. By using only the best, such as full-grain leather, Ariat can ensure that it continues to deliver long-lasting shoes that are always fit for purpose 
  2. Comfort: Put on a pair of their boots and you'll see what we mean. The features which the brand puts into each shoe highlights its commitment to creating comfortable footwear for both riders and anyone who spends time outdoors for work or leisure 
  3. Support & Stability: Your boots should provide you with ankle and foot stability, allowing you to move around freely, but not at the expense of sufficient support. This is what these boots excel in, as they specifically design their boots to protect the foot 
  4. Durability: It's no secret that these boots are a bit of a higher price point in the market, but that's for good reason. Ariat footwear is created to last. From the stables to the farm to the countryside to the coffee date in town, these boots will keep you going and provide the longevity craved for in quality footwear
  5. Advanced, Innovative Technology: What's loved about this brand is its exciting, innovative technologies. It goes above and beyond to stay ahead of the game and to keep bringing you the best in boots. You can always trust in Ariat to be paving the way in advanced features and technical design. 


Different Styles of Ariat Boots

5 people sitting in a row out in the countryside each wearing Ariat boots

This brand has revolutionised the equestrian wardrobe by incorporating advanced technologies into their footwear and apparel.

With their extensive range of products, the brand caters to the specific needs of equestrians. Their commitment to quality is exemplified through their use of the finest materials and their incorporation of athletic shoe technology into their designs. The result is superior performance, exceptional comfort, and a range of motion that allows riders to excel in their sport.

The fantastic range of Ariat boots includes not only their popular riding boots, but other styles designed for both work and play. 

In their full collection, you can find:

  • Riding Boots
  • Ankle Boots
  • Chelsea Boots
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Walking Boots
  • Safety Boots
  • Deck Shoes
  • Wellies.

Looking at that long list, it's no wonder that Ariat is so well-known in the footwear industry. They clearly know a thing or two about creating a good boot! 


The Benefits of Ariat Riding Boots

Ariat riding boats laid out against a grassy background

Ariat riding boots are a true equestrian's best friend, delivering a winning combination of classic style and smart technology. These performance footwear options are designed to meet the demands of the modern rider, ensuring both outstanding flexibility and ease of movement for maximum performance in the saddle.

Crafted with the finest-quality materials, these boots are built to last. Meticulous attention to detail is evident in every pair, making them the epitome of luxury and performance. From the Ariat women's collection to the Ariat men's range, there is a huge range that caters to every rider's needs.

Although there are plenty of benefits to owning a pair of Ariat riding boots, we've narrowed it down to three main discussion points:

  1. Advanced Technology
  2. Wide Range of Styles & Sizes
  3. Combination of Flexibility & Durability.


Advanced Technology

One of the core reasons behind the popularity of these riding boots is the premium technology used in their construction.

Some of the main technologies seen throughout their equestrian boot collection are:

  • ATS (Advanced Torque Stability) Technology, offers superior stability and cushioning. It features a moisture-wicking footbed that keeps the feet dry and comfortable all day long. The gel cushioning system absorbs shock and cushions the foot for enhanced support
  • 4LR (4 Layer Rebound) Technology offers improved stability and support by combining a four-layer footbed with a lightweight shank for excellent arch support and rider comfort
  • Duratread™ outsoles which are resistant to wear and provide outstanding traction and maximum grip, even in wet weather or muddy conditions. 

There are also insulating materials used in their country boots to provide reliable warmth, which is an essential foundation for riding in the colder weather.

Forbes magazine even wrote an article on the technology used by Ariat to keep stepping up their game!

The combination of these technologies ensures maximum comfort, support, and durability for equestrians, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. From wet weather to cold weather, Ariat boots are designed to be a rider's go-to option.


Wide Range of Styles and Sizes

Tall riding boots, short riding boots, western boots... the list goes on and the choice is yours!

What the brand does well is it doesn't hone itself into one particular style of boot. Instead, it focuses on providing choices for equestrians, giving them the ability to express their individuality and personal taste for all their riding adventures.

The gorgeous designs of Ariat riding boots vary from the lace-ups to the pull-ons and also have the choice of different heights. The only downfall is that you will want one of each! 

The brand also understands the importance of finding the perfect pair, which is why it offers an extensive range of sizes for both men and women. You can be confident that you will find boots that fit you exactly right, regardless of your gender or foot size.


Combination of Flexibility and Durability

With their technical features and commitment to quality, Ariat riding boots are designed to provide superior performance and enhanced flexibility in any equestrian setting.

For riders, there must be a balance between long-lasting footwear and footwear that will allow them to move about freely, both in the saddle and stable.

Durability can sometimes bring about an image of a bulky shoe, but the key to a boot that has true longevity is all in the subtle construction. It is essentially what you would find if you looked between the lines. 

This is what Ariat does well - attention to detail. The finishing touches, the ability for an equestrian to focus on themselves and their horse, rather than wondering if they have the right shoes on. For the brand, it all stems back to the champion spirit of its namesake - standing out from the crowd, simply by being the best


Why Do Horse Riders Wear Tall Boots?

Woman wearing Ariat Langdale Waterproof Leather Boots in java to guide horses through the snow

Tall boots, like the ones offered from Ariat, are an essential part of equestrian footwear for several reasons:

  1. Added Support & Stability: Specifically to the rider's lower leg and ankle, preventing the foot from sliding through the stirrup and offering protection from potential impacts. This is especially important in disciplines like dressage and show jumping, where precision and control are paramount
  2. Secure & Comfortable Fit: These boots are designed to hug the rider's leg, preventing any movement or slippage during riding. This not only enhances the rider's control but also reduces the risk of accidents
  3. Durability: Tall boots are made from durable materials that can withstand the rigours of equestrian activities. They are built to last and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use
  4. Leg Protection: Another key advantage of tall boots is that they protect the rider's legs from rubbing and chafing, which can be common when spending long hours in the saddle. The boots act as a barrier between the rider's leg and the saddle, ensuring maximum comfort during extended periods of riding.

Overall, horse riders choose to wear tall boots due to the support, stability, protection, and comfort they provide. These boots not only help the rider maintain a polished and professional look but also contribute to their overall safety and performance in the saddle.


Should You Ride in Paddock Boots?

Paddock boots are a popular choice among equestrians for their versatility and functionality. However, like any other type of riding boots, they come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

For disciplines that require a tall boot, such as dressage or eventing, these yard boots may not provide enough support and coverage for active mobility. In these cases, riders may opt for tall boots or dress boots instead.

Furthermore, a pair of paddock boots may not be the best option for riding in extreme weather conditions. They are not always designed to be fully waterproof or insulated, which may limit their use in cold or wet weather. Riders should consider alternative boots, such as waterproof boots or advanced riding boots, for these situations.

However, paddock boots are also great for everyday use in the barn, making them a practical addition to any equestrian wardrobe. They are also useful for casual riding and for those who are just beginning into the sport. 


Does Ariat Do Equestrian Clothing?

Woman wearing Ariat jacket outdoors bending down to tend to dog

It's not just their boots which make the brand highly sought after, it's their high-quality apparel. 

From their core lines to seasonal collections, Ariat caters to the needs of every equestrian enthusiast with their clothing range. 

Whether you're looking for show attire or everyday performance equestrian wear, Ariat clothing has you covered. Their clothing combines functionality with style and all-day comfort, to enhance the riding experience. Plus, for those seeking a more casual yet fashionable option, the brand also offers a range of lifestyle and weekend activewear.

Whether you're hitting the stables or enjoying a casual outing, Ariat's equestrian clothing is versatile, trendy, and a perfect pairing to their boots for women and men. 



Overall, it's not difficult to see why this high-performance riding footwear has become an equestrian's best friend.

With their unparalleled quality, innovative design, and superior performance, these boots are more than just footwear - they are an essential tool for riders of all levels.

Invest in a pair of Ariat boots today and experience the difference for yourself.


With her extensive firsthand experience of farm life and a keen eye for quality, Sarah Holland's advice on womens country clothing reflects her genuine appreciation for the joys and comfort of rural living. Whether it's a smart tweed jacket for a formal occasion or durable wellies for muddy walks, she knows what works for life in the countryside. Sarah loves sharing her knowledge and insights to help others discover the perfect attire for their outdoor lifestyle.

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