History of Ridgeline Clothing - Behind the Seams

History of Ridgeline Clothing - Behind the Seams

The Story of Ridgeline Clothing - Behind the Seams

Behind every success story, there's a story to be told. 

Ridgeline has become one of the leading names in outdoor apparel, known for its durable materials, functional designs, and commitment to quality. But, how did it all begin?

In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating history of this brand. We explore the power of passion, innovation, and pursuit of excellence that has taken Ridgeline from the depths of down under right to the top of its game. 

Join us as we uncover the story hidden behind the seams of this fantastic outdoor clothing brand.


When was Ridgeline Clothing Founded?

The story of Ridgeline traces back to its origins in New Zealand, which is a country known for its beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures. The terrain is mountainous, the coastlines long, and there's sheep galore - it's a place perfect for inspiring a range of clothing designed to overcome challenges.

And that's just what happened. 

In 1994, Ridgeline arrived on the scene and immediately made its mark. 


Who Founded Ridgeline Clothing?

In mid-1993, Peter Maxwell embarked on a journey of creating the first Ridgeline designs. 

His hard work was showcased in the March/April 1994 issue of NZ Guns & Hunting Magazine, where the product range of Ridgeline made its impactful debut. 

Since then, the brand has continued to flourish as a trusted and reputable name in the outdoor clothing industry. 


What Inspired the Creation of the Brand?

Farmer standing by tractor in the countryside wearing Ridgeline Clothing

The great Kiwi outdoors lifestyle is what the foundation of this brand was built on. 

Peter Maxwell had gathered experience manufacturing his own line of robust motorcycle and motocross clothing. This firsthand involvement gave him a front row ticket to what Kiwis needed in their outdoor garments. 

He established that this type of clothing needed to be durable. It needed to be able to hold its own against rugged treatment, everyday use, and whatever the wild and wet environment throws at it.

In essence, Maxwell figured that, if you could rely on your clothing, you could rely on the weather.


What is the Brand Known For?

Girl wearing Ridgeline Smock standing next to cow in the countryside

The hunters of New Zealand were really the first ones to get to grips with Ridgeline clothing, and now it's the hunters of the world who get to enjoy it too. 

Alongside the fantastic shooting jackets and hunting apparel, there is a great collection of farmers clothes, waterproof trousers, and so much more.

The brand's signature attributes are known as the 'Big Four' - Warmth, Comfort, Durability, and Functionality. This ethos consistently sings out throughout the entire clothing range, making Ridgeline a market leader and the one to beat

You will have also likely heard of the Ridgeline Monsoon range, featuring garments such as stunning mens smocks and shooting jackets that are a cut above the rest.


How has Ridgeline Clothing Evolved Over the Years?

Ridgeline clothing is a brand that continually steps up to the plate. 

The innovation and thoughtfulness behind each design is specific and intended - it doesn't just spin things on its head for no reason, it carefully curates garments that are performance-driven and meant to bring you the best. 

The brand has an incredible range of technical fabrics that are utilised throughout its collections.

For example:

  • Tri Tech: This purpose-built fabric was meticulously crafted to excel in the unique conditions of New Zealand. It comprises of two expertly bonded layers of robust polyester, offering outstanding resistance to wear and tear, whilst ensuring utmost comfort against the skin. To top it off, it delivers unparalleled lightweight durability
  • RL-TEX PROTM 3: This is a premier offering that boasts an impressive 10K mm H20 rating and a 5K g/m2 breathability rating. Combined with its state-of-the-art lightweight and durable fabric, these waterproof jackets deliver unrivalled protection and warmth even in the most extreme conditions
  • QUIET-TEXTM 2-Layer Fabric: This innovative material provides complete waterproof protection while maintaining absolute silence. Perfect for hunters requiring the balance between staying dry and remaining quiet.

Learn more about the impressive fabrics on the Ridgeline website.

In addition to the advancements in fabric technology, Ridgeline jackets and smocks have seen incorporations of some superior designs. The brand's own 'Hide & Seek' Buffalo Camo is a highly sought-after choice by hunters and shooters in particular.


Are Ridgeline Jackets Primarily for Outdoor Activities?

Man and woman wearing Ridgeline clothing out in the countryside

Ridgeline is known for its expertise in creating durable outdoor clothing that is the perfect choice for those heading out into the fields, countryside, or farmyard.

The features and designs are tailored to meet the demands of the great outdoors. With Ridgeline jackets, for example, you can often find the following attributes:

  • Waterproof: These outdoor jackets provide reliable waterproofing and high levels of protection against the elements
  • Breathability: The breathable materials used allows moisture and sweat to escape during physical activities, such as rough shooting
  • Strategic Pockets: Many Ridgeline smocks and jackets feature multiple pockets, including chest pockets and handwarmer pockets, providing convenient storage options for essentials
  • Adjustable Features: Ridgeline jackets often include adjustable waists, hoods, and cuffs, allowing wearers to customise the fit and ensure optimal comfort and protection.

These jackets feature advanced materials and impeccable construction, providing extreme weather protection for those seeking adventure-ready apparel.

Whether you're a farmer, hunter, labourer, bushcraft lover, or camper, you can trust Ridgeline clothing to be exactly what you need.


How Has this Brand Influenced the Outdoor Clothing Industry?

Man wearing Ridgeline clothing in a countryside setting

Throughout this brand's history, it has stayed true to one core value: that high-performance outdoor clothing should remain affordable and accessible to all.

Ridgeline has challenged the notion that high-quality outdoor gear has to come at a steep price. Although not everybody can get to the mountains of New Zealand, this idea of grass roots has firmly centred the brand. Wherever you are in the world, whether you work outdoors or you play outdoors, the beauty of nature and the draw of the open air is there for all to enjoy.

Furthermore, the brand's deep understanding of the needs and desires of outdoor enthusiasts and workers has led to the development of designs and features that cater to these specific activities. This focus on functionality and usability has pushed other brands to consider the practical aspects of their designs and strive for greater user satisfaction.

The brilliant Ridgeline smocks, jackets, and other apparel has helped to shape the way this industry approaches product development and set the benchmark for overall consumer expectations in this market.



Overall, Ridgeline has solidified its position as a reliable outdoor clothing specialist, known for its incredible jackets and commitment to providing quality durability clothing.

With a rich history and deep understanding of the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, Ridgeline has continuously innovated to deliver exceptional products.

Trust in Ridgeline's legacy and experience the difference of their remarkable outdoor gear, designed to withstand the toughest elements and ensure you're always adventure-ready.

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