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The Deerhunter Heat collection is a game-changer when it comes to warmth and comfort in the great outdoors.

The Deerhunter Heat Waistcoats and Clothing are equipped with integrated heat elements that generate consistent and controlled warmth throughout the body. The heating system is powered by small, rechargeable battery packs that can provide hours of heat on a single charge. With adjustable settings, you can easily customise the amount of warmth you desire, ensuring optimal comfort. The heat intensity is shown through the built-in LED light on the garment. You control the heat levels, giving you an advantage when you're faced with chilly conditions.

These garments provide a modern twist on the traditional country jacket or gilet, taking your outdoor adventures to the next level. You'll find the same high-quality outer fabric materials and functional features found throughout the Deerhunter range, just elevated through the use of heating elements for additional warmth. With the gilets, expect that great freedom of movement, whilst the jackets still showcase the quality associated with this hunting brand. 

Engineered with innovative technology, these waistcoats and clothing items are designed to provide exceptional insulation. Whether you're hunting, camping, or participating in any outdoor activity, these garments will be your ultimate ally against the cold. The popularity of these garments is highlighted with our heated gilets collection. 

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