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Traditional country clothing doesn't get much better than these Laksen breeks, with their timeless style that is ever popular with shooters and country sports lovers.

The tweed breeks here prioritise high-quality fabric that is durable and warm, yet still gives the classic aesthetic that's so beloved in the British countryside. Easily pair with your chosen Laksen jacket from their tweed collection, and enjoy the coordinated ensemble that speaks volumes by itself with a slick and polished appearance.

Moleskin breeks, on the other hand, are perfect for chilly mornings and provide a tactile luxury that’s hard to beat. Whichever material you choose, there are practical features incorporated to create the enhanced functionality needed - from belt loops and slant pockets to adjustable waists and cuffs.

When you’re comfortable, you’re more confident. Laksen’s attention to ergonomic design ensures freedom of movement, allowing shooters to assume positions with ease and precision. This confidence can make all the difference, whether you’re in a competitive shoot or enjoying a day of recreational hunting.

What's fantastic about these shooting breeks is that the brand offers those with their exclusive CTX membrane for exceptional waterproofing. This adds another layer of confidence and peace of mind when you're heading out for the day. 

Alternatively, you can choose a pair of Laksen trousers if you prefer the slightly longer length. 

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