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Six years from conception, in 1988, a young road racer took up the Hotter’N Hell Hundred Challenge.

This was to become a gruelling and challenging cycling event, born out of an idea that occurred when Wichita Falls, Texas wanted to celebrate their towns centenary. A triple entendre Hotter’N Hell Hundred was born; 100 miles, celebrating 100 years in 100-degree heat.

The race begins at 7.05am and participants must make it to ‘Hells Gate’ which is at the 60-mile mark by 12.30pm otherwise they cannot qualify to finish the 100-mile segment.

In 1988 and only in its 6th year the challenge was less sophisticated than now, and people just turned up with there racing legs and their bikes hoping to combat this beast of a challenge.

One such guy was Michael Eidson, an emergency medical technician, he knew that in order to survive water would be vital. The dilemma he faced was how to carry enough of it to survive the arduous journey.

In a moment of pure genius, he realised that if he could strap an IV bag full of water to himself and attach a hose, stuffing it into a sock and attaching it to himself with a peg, he could take on fluids as he cycled hence hydrating himself all the way.

Hands free hydration was born.

From its humble inception Edison started to take his invention more seriously and started to work on a neater version, the Thermobak. This was basically a insulated sleeve with two nylon straps and a hose. There was no harness, and the nylon straps were less than comfortable but this did not stop people buying them up.

A fellow cyclist Jeff Wemmer soon realised the potential of this new idea and was so impressed he started to take the product to sell at races. CamelBak were so impressed with Jeff and his enthusiasm for this new venture they hired him and in 1993 he set about getting the brand recognised across the country. From Florida to California, he travelled on his motorbike pitching the product and faxing every purchase over, ensuring the brands survival.

The company barley had a budget and could hardly afford their only salesman to stay on the road, so after driving all over the country day and night Jeff could only sleep in a motel three nights a week.

At the border of Oregon Jeff got a call back to the office, the trip was off. The reason, there were too many orders piling up and he was needed to help pack and ship the products to all the customers he had gained along the way!

CamelBak have now become the Worlds leaders in hydration solutions. Craving challenge and answering in innovation, CamelBak are driven by the ever-changing needs of their customers.

CamelBak started with a hands-free solution but this ever growing and evolving company know that it takes creativity and motion to keep the brand moving. That is why they are always seeking to revolutionise their products.

CamelBak manufacturer their products in their wholly owned ISO certified factory. They use time tested supply and marketing partners.

An average person drinks up to 18 plastic bottles of water a month, the impact this waste has on the environment is becoming too substantial not to be recognised. CamelBak are driving forward initiatives to reduce this mammoth wastage. By joining their pledge to dump the disposable and take on one of their bottles you are not only helping to save the planet, but you are also saving money, up to £20.00 every 30 days.

16 billion disposable bottles and cups are thrown away each year. CamelBak are a sustainable solution to this problem, so let their bottle accompany every adventure and join you on every journey.


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