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    Camelbak - Bottles and Flasks CamelBak are the industry leaders in hydration products, offering the highest quality reusable water bottles at an affordable price.



    Carry Less, Drink More, Waste Nothing. Creating hands free hydration solutions is the name of the game for CamelBak®.

    Driven by ever changing needs in a world of seemingly impossible challenges CamelBak® have hydration under control. 

    Constantly creating new, sustainable hydration solutions the thirst for innovation and adventure knows no bounds.
    CamelBak® are committed to the prospect of ditching the disposable, creating an item of longevity, the bottles are sustainable, efficient, environmentally friendly, and rigorously tested to stand up within extreme conditions for the most ardent adventurer.

    Evolved from an IV bag in a sock with a hose over the shoulder and clamped with a clothespin, hands-free hydration was born. Now well known amongst the cyclists of the world CamelBak® is hitting the high street.

    When water,the most vital of the world’s resources, is being consumed whilst on the move around 18 times per month the amount of plastic produced is astounding. By using the CamelBaks ® Chute 0.75l - for example - the average person will save approximately £20 and 18 bottles from the landfill by going disposable free for 30 days.

    Lightweight and durable with an innovative grab and go lid, various style bodies and colourful designs for adults and children, the Camelbak® hydration collection can be your main fluid source through work and play.

    8 products
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