Bridgedale Care Guide

How often have you thought about how to look after your socks? For many people, they’re easy to replace and that’s that.

However, when you invest in good quality socks, like those from Bridgedale, you want to make sure they last so you can enjoy the comfort they offer for longer. These socks form a part of your look and give you an extra bit of support as you explore the British countryside.

Our Bridgedale socks care guide will help keep your favourite pairs of socks in good condition for longer, so you don’t have to keep replacing them as often. For a good pair of socks, that’s life changing.

Why Choose Bridgedale Socks?

Bridgedale socks are used by a lot of people who enjoy spending time outdoors. For years, Bridgedale has been learning from their customers what they want - and comfort is often the answer.

However, it’s not as simple as that. You’ll want different socks for different seasons, with thick, warm socks for colder days and thinner, breathable socks for warm times of the year. Each pair should offer support during every outing, and that’s what you’ll get from Bridgedale.

Sock Heights

Have you ever thought about the height of your socks? There are reasons for these differences, with some being suited to different activities and outfits more than others. Some are chosen purely on personal preference, too.

Take a look at some of the different heights of Bridgedale socks. These are an average across each type. There may be variations on each product.

Bridgedale Sock sizes and styles

How To Look After Your Bridgedale Socks

The little things do matter, and we class socks as little things. To prolong the life of your socks you should ensure they are always washed inside out. It might seem obvious, but even socks need to be looked after properly in order to last a long time.

If you notice holes, however, those should be replaced with new pairs of Bridgedale socks to keep your feet comfortable.

Washing Your Bridgedale Socks

To wash your Bridgedale socks and make sure they don’t lose colour, shape or support, follow these steps:

  • Always wash your darker colours separately
  • Wash on a 40-degree cycle and do not use fabric conditioner
  • Never use bleach in your washing machine or if you hand wash as this will ruin your item
  • Never iron your socks
  • Aim to dry your socks naturally and do not use a tumble dryer or place on a heated radiator
  • Do not dry clean.

Learn More About Bridgedale Socks

Bridgedale socks are one of the best choices for people looking to spend time outside at any time of year. Their range covers different styles and colours, so you can always be sure of finding pairs of socks that suit your look and needs.

For more information on our Bridgedale socks, or for answers on any further questions you have on looking after them, get in touch with our team.

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