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    Bridgedale Technical Socks Give your feet the padding they need to tackle even the most challenging of hikes with a pair of technical walking socks from Bridgedale. Designed and manufactured specifically for the great outdoors, they’re the perfect pair of socks for walking, hiking, trekking, mountaineering and even skiing


    Bridgedale walking socks

    Nothing promises comfort and reliability like Bridgedale’s range of men and women’s socks. While they might seem easy to ignore, a high-quality pair of socks can be the difference between an enjoyable day on the trail and one cut short by blisters or discomfort. It’s for this reason that Bridgedale design a different style of sock to suit each and every outdoor activity, knowing that a good pair makes all the difference in the world.

    By combining the highest quality yarns with high performance microfibres, Bridgedale ensure all-day performance. Targeted cushioning and mesh panels provide much-needed ventilation and the comfort to keep putting one foot after another. Merino wool is much lauded for its antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties, making it the ideal candidate for comfortable hiking socks.

    Blended with Coolmax® - Bridgedale’s innovative moisture-wicking material - it results in wool socks perfect for winter conditions. We also stock a selection of Bridgedale socks for extreme temperatures, whether for hiking to a summit or skiing back down again.

    Alternatively, opt for a lightweight, thinner sock blending Coolmax® technology with cotton; it’ll keep your feet dry and cool in warmer walking conditions. Their lightest, most ventilated range uses Coolmax® technology with synthetic fibres - ideal as summer hiking socks thanks to their thin design or perfect for wearing beneath thicker socks for when an additional layer of cushioning is what you need to ease sore feet.

    Match up your new socks with an equally cushioned pair of walking boots, available in men’s and women’s designs and a selection of heavy duty leather and lightweight suede styles.

    13 products
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