Blundstone Boots | The Celebrity Everyday Boot

Blundstone Boots The Celebrity Everyday Boot

Blundstone Boots | The Celebrity Everyday Boot

It's not every day that a pair of boots gets a celebrity stamp of approval, but it's also not hard to do so when that pair of boots gets worn every day!

It's safe to say that, when you're a former striker for England, you know a thing or two about what makes a great pair of boots. So, when Gary Lineker was seen recently wearing his pair of Blundstones, they couldn't help but draw attention. 

Blundstones have soared into popularity over the last few years, with many celebrities often seen out and about in their favourite pair. Hollands stocks a fantastic range of these Blundstone boots, and many of us even have our own pair. Now, of course we're not quite celeb status, but we do give them our seal of approval anyway!

It's clear that these boots have become a hot topic, and it's easy to see why celebrities have fallen in love with this iconic footwear brand. 


What are the Blundstone 585 Boots?

Gary Lineker Wearing Blundstone Boots

If you take a closer look, it appears that Gary Lineker is wearing the Blundstone 585 Boots in Rustic Brown, which are a known best-seller. 

These boots have an array of great features, from their premium leather uppers to their shock protection system - you know you're getting solid, durable boots here. They also have impressive comfort and additional cushioning with their elastic panels and removable insoles, and the rugged rubber sole creates great traction on wet terrain. They are Chelsea boots with a difference.

Whilst they might not be the pair to help you score another six World Cup goals, they certainly will see you comfortably from A to B. 

In his jeans and hoodie, with a dog lead in hand, Gary Lineker shows that "Blunnies" are the ideal casual, go-to perfect pair of boots.


Why Choose Blundstone Boots?

It's not just their footballer's appeal - Blundstone footwear has carved out a fantastic reputation for itself for the following reasons:

  • Durability - these are quality shoes that are known to be long-lasting and hardy
  • Comfort - ankle boots that are easy to wear for long periods of time
  • Versatility - not just for nipping out to the park in, you can wear them hiking or even to a wedding (once cleaned up, of course!)
  • Timeless Design - these classic boots are the perfect blend of great design and modern technology
  • Brand Popularity - Blundstones have become the footwear of choice, not just for celebrities, but for everyday folk who love a decent, sturdy pair of shoes. Farmers, hikers, country lovers, and beyond - it seems that everyone is stepping out in Blundstone boots. 


Variety of Styles Available

The Blundstone craze isn't just limited to the Blundstone 585 boots seen worn by Gary Lineker. There are many different styles and designs available from this Australian brand, who love to be part of your everyday adventures.

Their popular styles include:

Whether you're looking for a dress shoe for more formal occasions, you need a safety boot for work, a boot for city walks, or you're just after revamping your footwear game a little, then Blundstones have a boot style to suit.


History of Blundstone Boots

Despite all the well-earned attention being directed their way, we love to see that Blundstone still have that classic Aussie spirit in their soul. 

The company started in Hobart, Tasmania, and this remains their home to this day. Their operations are now global due to their continued success and obtained accolades and awards, and, now, their focus remains on creating quality boots that utilise sustainable practices.

Blundstone is all about the community - anyone who puts on a pair of Blundstone boots is joining the legacy. 



Blundstone Chelsea boots have become a beloved wardrobe staple for many.

Not only are they fashionable, but they are also comfortable and practical for everyday wear. From the rugged terrain of Australia to the bustling streets of a British town, these boots are the perfect addition to your outfit. 

Step by step, celebrity by celebrity, Blundstone boots have proven themselves to be a versatile choice for any occasion. 

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