How to Choose the Perfect Ridgeline Smock for Your Next Adventure

How to Choose the Perfect Ridgeline Smock for Your Next Adventure

How to Choose the Perfect Ridgeline Smock for Your Next Adventure

As a trusted and reliable outdoor brand, Ridgeline is often the number one choice when stocking up on garments for your next adventure. 

When you pick Ridgeline Clothing, it's safe to say that you are getting exactly what you need - functionality, comfort, and peace of mind that you are protected from any wet and wild weather conditions. 

The brand has such a fantastic range of outdoor wear - from mens smocks and waterproof jackets, to bush shirts and fleece gilets, and so much more. Ridgeline smocks, in particular, are known to be some of their best-selling products. 

With this in mind, we decided to take a closer look into the different smocks available from this New Zealand brand. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect smock, ensuring that you are well-prepared for your next outdoor excursion. 


When Would You Wear a Smock?

Girl Wearing Ridgeline Smock in Field with a Cow

A smock is a versatile outer garment that offers protection from the elements and is suitable for a range of outdoor activities. Traditionally, smocks were worn by labourers in the fields to protect their clothing from dirt and damage. Over time, smocks have evolved into a stylish and practical option for both men and women. 

In today's world, a smock is perfect for any countryside adventures. Quality outdoor brands, like Ridgeline Clothing, have played to the natural strengths of the garment, and created options that are suitable for anyone heading into the great outdoors. 

A smock would be ideal for the following occasions:

  • Hiking in the hills or the mountains
  • Camping 
  • Fishing by the riverside or on the open water
  • Outdoor work, particularly in wet or cold conditions
  • Farming 
  • Shooting, hunting, beating, or gamekeeping
  • Bushcraft expedition in the wilderness. 


Why are Ridgeline Smocks so Popular?

Whilst the smock used to be just a simple pull on over your head and job done sort of garment, nowadays, brands, like Ridgeline, have taken the opportunity to put a modern spin on things.

By incorporating technical features and advanced fabrics, mens smocks have become a stylish, popular option for farmers, shooters, hikers, and anyone who loves the outdoors.

The popularity of these smocks tends to be down to the following reasons:

  1. Versatility & Functionality - these outdoor garments offer protection against various weather conditions, from light rain to heavy downpours. The smocks are typically made from durable and high-quality materials that suit the outdoor lifestyle perfectly
  2. Design & Comfort - the loose and relaxed fit of these mens smocks makes them comfortable and easy to wear, allowing for greater freedom of movement than the Ridgeline jackets 
  3. Commitment to Quality - the brand is known for its unwavering dedication to creating reliable and long-lasting products. The popularity of the clothing in general stems from the brand's reputation of producing functional and well-designed outdoor gear 
  4. Aesthetic Appeal - the good-looking nature of Ridgeline smocks can't be overlooked! These garments are visually appealing and can also be easily styled with other Ridgeline clothing. 


Considerations When Choosing a Smock

Man Wearing Ridgeline Smock Outside

When choosing the perfect Ridgeline smock for your next adventure, there are several important factors to consider. These factors will ensure that you stay comfortable and protected in various weather conditions.

These are:

  • Waterproof Rating
  • Breathability & Comfort
  • Style & Design
  • Durability & Versatility
  • Price Point.

    Waterproof Rating

    When choosing a Ridgeline smock for your next adventure, one of the most important factors to consider is the waterproof rating. This rating determines the level of protection the smock provides against wet weather conditions, making it an essential consideration for any outdoor enthusiast.

    How waterproof the garment is typically gets indicated by a number followed by the letters "mm," which refers to the level of water pressure the fabric can withstand before it starts to leak. 

    For example, a garment, like the Ridgeline Monsoon Classic Waterproof Smock, with a rating of 10,000mm means that it can withstand a water column of 10,000 millimetres before it shows signs of leakage. The higher the rating, the more waterproof the smock is. We've covered this in a further detail in a separate blog post if you'd learn to learn more. 

    When deciding which smock is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

    1. What will I be wearing this garment for?
    2. Will I likely encounter difficult or wet weather conditions when wearing it?
    3. Is the smock intended as main outer layer?

    Determining the answers to all three of those questions will help you choose the right one. If you know that you need a waterproof smock, then you can pay particular attention to the rating given with the product. However, if it's not likely you'll encounter much rain, then you may wish to go for a more lightweight smock with less protection.


    Breathability and Comfort

    When embarking on your next outdoor adventure, it's essential to choose a smock that ensures maximum comfort and breathability. These two factors play a crucial role in enhancing your overall experience in the great outdoors.

    Breathability is paramount as it allows moisture to escape, preventing you from feeling sweaty and uncomfortable during physical activities. Comfort is equally important, as a smock that fits well and feels good against your skin can greatly enhance your outdoor experience. 

    Things to look for in a smock which helps these factors are:

    • Breathable membranes and fabrics being incorporated into the design itself. Ridgeline smocks offer breathability to the wearer, which is great for active use, such as when you're farming or hiking
    • Ventilation features, such as zippered underarm vents or back vents. This allows for increased airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable during intense activities
    • Layering options, as this creates added comfort and versatility. Choose a smock that is designed to be worn as an outer layer and can accommodate additional layers underneath for colder weather conditions.

    By prioritising breathability and comfort when selecting your smock, you can enjoy your outdoor adventure to the fullest. Stay dry, stay comfortable, and make the most of your time in nature.


    Style and Design

    Man and Woman Wearing Ridgeline Clothing

    By finding a smock that combines the right style and design, you'll have a reliable and functional garment that will be your ideal companion on any outdoor journey.

    The style of a smock can greatly affect its intended use. Some smocks are specifically designed for rough shooting or outdoor activities in extreme weather conditions. These smocks often feature reinforced patches on the shoulders and elbows for added durability, as well as extra pockets for easy access to essential items.

    On the other hand, there are more classic, straightforward styles that typically have a simpler design with fewer technical features, making them ideal for everyday wear or less demanding adventures.

    When considering the design of your Ridgeline smock, it's important to choose one that doesn't hinder your movement or affect your activity. 

    Consider the following points when making your decision:

    • The smock should have a comfortable and adjustable fit, allowing you to move freely without restriction. Look for features like adjustable waists and cuffs, which allow for a more customised fit 
    • Additionally, pay attention to the smock's pocket placement and closures. Zip chest pockets and pockets with storm covers are excellent features for keeping your belongings secure and protected from the elements, but some people prefer a traditional horizontal style pocket on their mens smocks 
    • If you're using the smock for shooting or hunting, it's important to look into whether the fabric is designed to be silent, and whether there are features like hand-warmer pockets. This could play into whether it's suitable for your intended use.


    Durability and Versatility

    Ridgeline smocks are widely celebrated for the following two factors:

    1. Exceptional construction materials and features which make them tough and sturdy options
    2. Versatile designs that slip effortlessly from farm to field to fishing lake. 

    The brand utilises 2 or 3 layer fabrics in its garments, which contribute to their overall protection and durability. The mens smocks tend to have a rugged design that incorporates these fabrics, making them ideal companions and a protective layer for outdoor activities. Durability is practically Ridgeline clothing's middle name.  

    Choosing a versatile smock can be beneficial, as it allows you to use the garment across your country sports and outdoor adventures. Whether you're heading out on a wet hike or going game shooting in harsh weather conditions, you can rely on the item to provide the necessary protection and functionality. 

    The Ridgeline Evolution Waterproof Smock is a great choice for farmers, who also love to go camping and for countryside walks. Plus, its attractive design means that it wouldn't look out of place when just nipping to run some errands on a rainy day.  


    Price Point

    Whilst it may be tempting to solely focus on the lowest price available, it's essential to weigh other aspects to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

    When it comes to choosing your mens smock, take note of the following:

    1. Features and specifications offered by the garment. Consider the waterproof rating, breathability, and any additional functionalities, such as zipped pockets and adjustable waists. A higher price may be justified if these features align with your needs and will provide enhanced performance in various weather conditions
    2. Evaluate the reputation of the brand and their commitment to quality. Ridgeline clothing, for example, is trusted for its durability and reliability amongst the farming, shooting, and outdoor wear communities. Therefore, although a cheaper alternative may seem appealing, it may be worth investing in a brand that offers high-quality construction and materials to ensure longevity and optimal performance throughout your adventures
    3. Versatile and repeated use. The price may be justified if you know that you are planning to wear the smock either on multiple occasions or for multiple uses. As we've discussed, Ridgeline smocks are exceptionally versatile, so you will definitely get lots of bang for your buck by opting for one of these garments. 

    Overall, whilst price is an important consideration when choosing a Ridgeline smock, it should not be the sole determining factor. Evaluate the features, brand reputation, and overall value to make an informed decision that will provide the perfect companion for your next adventure.



    So, when choosing a smock, be sure to pay attention to the waterproof rating, breathability and comfort, style and design, durability and versatility, and the price point.

    With Ridgeline Clothing's feature-laden and highly waterproof smocks, you have great choices to start your adventure with. 

    So, gear up and conquer the great outdoors with a Ridgeline smock that can withstand it all.

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