Product Review | Harkila Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots

Product Review | Harkila Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots

Product Review | Harkila Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots

When it comes to outdoor gear, having reliable and durable boots is essential.

Harkila is a renowned brand in the hunting and outdoor industry and their Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots often create quite a buzz amongst outdoor enthusiasts and hunters alike.

But what is it about these hunting boots which make them such a sought-after product? We take an in-depth look to analyse key features, performance, and overall quality of these boots and put the spotlight on whether they really live up to the hype. 


When Would You Wear the Harkila Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots?

The Reidmars, like most Harkila boots, are primarily made for hunting.

They are a boot designed by masters in their field, who know what a hunter needs and subsequently provide it in abundance. Like a sports car, it performs at its best when it embraces its true identity. 

Although it can be said that hunting boots aren't necessarily known for their versatility, this doesn't mean that they can't still be multi-purpose, particularly within field sports. 

These boots are often seen worn for:

  • Shooting
  • Hunting
  • Wild Game Trekking
  • Field Work.


What Makes a Good Pair of Hunting Boots?

Man Wearing Harkila Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots

So, what are you looking for when you say you need a pair of hunting boots?

There are a few key features which establish boots as top choices in the market:

  • Waterproof Protection - you need to know that your feet will remain dry if the heavens open, or if you find yourself navigating some wet, muddy ground. A decent waterproof membrane gives you peace of mind when you're heading out on a hunt
  • Breathability - this is important for maintaining comfort during the shooting season, especially in warmer weather. Boots with a breathable lining or membrane allow moisture and heat to escape, keeping the feet cool and comfy
  • Insulation & Comfort - having good insulation is particularly important for winter hunts, as if you have warm feet, you have happy feet, and then ultimately you have comfortable feet
  • Durability - hardwearing boots are built to last, with durable construction and materials that can withstand rough terrain and harsh weather conditions. They should have a sturdy leather upper leather for added protection and longevity
  • Traction - a solid medium-stiff sole provides both flexibility and firmness, allowing for comfortable movement over various terrains
  • Support & Stability - supportive boots are crucial for long hours of walking and traversing uneven ground, so it's good for them to have a medium-height shaft that provides ankle support and stability. Tall shafted boots are great for keeping the snow off and giving extra ankle support but do tend to add weight
  • Great Fit - your foot should sit nicely inside the boot. If you can wiggle your toes a little, but not bring your ankle out whilst doing so, you're probably on the right track 
  • Design & Style - boots shouldn't just offer outstanding comfort, they should also suit the style of hunting and also your personal preference in terms of design. Also consider whether perhaps you might need camo boots for particular hunts 
  • Weight - lightweight boots add agility, which is great for an active hunt. Heavyweight boots might give you lots of protection, but perhaps occasionally to the detriment of comfort
  • Quietness - you don't want loud, noisy boots when you're hunting down prey. The boots should work with you to help keep you silent as you're on the move. 


Key Features of the Harkila Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots

Harkila Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots Side & Soles

Produced with passion for the passionate, with skill for the skilled, and with ambition for the ambitious, Harkila boots can take years to go from sketch to store. But it's safe to say that they are well worth the wait. 

It might be a bold statement to say that they are game-changers for hunters, but their key features listed out below do give some weight to those words. 

With these Harkila boots, you get:

  • Waterproof Gore-Tex Membrane
  • Nubuck Leather Upper Construction
  • U-turn® Wire Lacing System
  • Lightweight Feel
  • Vibram®Campos Sole System
  • Moulded Footbed
  • Reinforced Stitching.


Pros and Cons of the Harkila Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots

Standing out from the crowd is hard to do in a muddy field, but these boots do their best to put make their mark. 

There are some main advantages which are particularly note-worthy.


  1. Waterproof: these tough leather boots are equipped with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane. This means that your feet will stay dry and comfortable even in the wettest conditions. No more worrying about soggy socks or damp feet ruining your hunting experience
  2. Great Fit: the user-friendly U-Turn wire lacing system allows for easy and quick adjustment, providing a secure and custom fit and keeping your feet comfortable
  3. Lightweight Design: despite their rugged construction, these boots are surprisingly lightweight, ensuring that you can move quickly and freely in the field
  4. Great Traction & Stability: the medium-stiff Vibram Campos sole system allows you to tackle rough terrains with ease
  5. Field-tested Durability: these boots have been field-tested, proving their robust material that creates durability and ability to withstand the demands of hunting and outdoor activities
  6. Attractive Design - it never hurts to have a pair of boots look this good, so it's fair to embrace the professional style and polished appearance that these Harkila boots possess.

However, there are certain factors to consider.


  1. Break-in Period: it does take a bit of break-in time to fully soften these boots to the shape of your foot so this is something to bear in mind
  2. Price: these boots are on the higher end of the price range for hunting boots, which may be a drawback if you're on a bit of a budget.


Are the Harkila Reidmar Mid 2.0 GTX Boots Right for You?

These boots are packed full of features, have plenty of advantages, and minimal drawbacks, so they are a top contender for hunting boots of choice.

Harkila aims to give confidence to hunters, not only through its premium name in the hunting world, but through delivering on that name with its products.

These boots are innovative, with the user-friendly U-Turn lacing system, as well as offering superior waterproof protection with the Gore-Tex membrane, and, to top of it, they prioritise comfort. In terms of construction, these boots are definitely built to last. The reinforced stitching and leather upper provide excellent durability and protection against rough terrain. Simply put, these boots can handle whatever you throw at them.

So, if you're looking for an investment pair of hunting boots, then these might just be the ones for you. 


Alternative Hunting Boots


3 Different Harkila Boots as Alternatives

If you're looking for alternative options that offer similar features and performance, there are a few brands and models worth considering.

Still within the Harkila boots range, we suggest checking out:

Jack Pyke, Aigle, and Ridgeline are also worth name-dropping when it comes to hunting boots. These tend to sit at a lower price point too, so, although you might not get everything you get with the Reidmars, you'll still be impressed with the technical features and practical designs on offer here.



Overall, the boots from Harkila are an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys hunting and outdoor activities.

With their lightweight design, great traction and stability, field-tested durability, and attractive design, these boots offer everything you need for a good day out in the wild. They may have a higher price tag than some other brands on the market, but, considering the features they offer, it makes it worth the extra investment. 

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