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Looking for a practical and stylish solution to keep you dry and comfortable in wet weather? Look no further than our range of mens smocks. 

Our waterproof smocks are the perfect garment; designed to be part of your outdoor clothing that protects you from the elements, whether you're out walking the dog or doing yard work. With a variety of colours and styles to choose from, we have a range of smocks for all outdoor pursuits. 

In a traditional pullover style, with an open neckline and flat round collar, the smock jacket is durable, waterproof, and functional, making them great for farming or when you are going hunting, shooting, or fishing.

Another benefit of these men's smocks is the handy pouch pocket that is featured on the front, as this is excellent for carrying all of your outdoor essentials. For example, if you were wearing the smock to go shooting then the roomy pocket could hold your spare cartridges or rounds. Or if you wear this to go dog walking, it's perfect for carrying the dog lead and any treats.

This distinctive garment has been around for generations so it really has stood the test of time. However, unlike traditional smocks, modern smocks tend to be lightweight, waterproof and breathable. The smocks are the ideal candidate to be left in the back of the truck or car and pulled on if things are going to get messy, and we have a great selection of quality smocks from the likes of Jack Pyke, Hoggs of Fife, and Ridgeline

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