Product Review | Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock

Product Review | Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock

Product Review | Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock

Looking for the perfect outdoor gear for your next adventure?

The Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock might just be the answer you've been searching for.

Whether you're an avid hunter, shooter, or general outdoor enthusiast, this innovative smock is designed to meet all your needs. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at this men's smock and explore its features, performance, and overall value for anyone who loves spending time in the countryside. 


What are Laksen Jackets Used For?

Man Wearing Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock Outside

Laksen jackets are designed for various outdoor activities, particularly traditional country sports. These jackets not only provide essential protection from the elements but also offer optimal performance and comfort.

You can often see Laksen jackets worn for:

  • Shooting or Hunting
  • Deer Stalking
  • Country Shows or Events
  • Day at the Races.

Part of the brand's jacket collection includes its dependable and innovative men's smocks. These are ideal garments for the shooting field or the hunting woods, and are popular choices with country professionals. 


What are the Benefits of Laksen Clothing?

Laksen clothing is renowned for its exceptional quality, functional performance, and durability. Designed with the avid outdoor enthusiast in mind, the brand's garments are constructed to withstand the harshest of conditions, ensuring maximum protection and comfort.

By investing in Laksen, you are gaining the following advantages:

  • Use of innovative technologies that creates garments which are advanced and give you an edge in the field 
  • Unbeatable weather protection through the use of these technical fabrics and materials. Whether you're hunting or hiking, these garments guarantee superior protection against the elements
  • High-quality construction to ensure a long-lasting piece of clothing that you can rely upon. No more swapping out your jacket every season, for Laksen is designed to be an investment that won't let you down
  • Attention to detail in every stitch and every feature. There's something special about this clothing, and that can be seen in all the finishing touches. No matter how demanding your activities may be, Laksen clothing will continue to perform at its best due to the exceptional design and quality control. 


Overview of Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock

The Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock is a top-of-the-line men's smock designed specifically for hunting or shooting.

This smock offers essential protection and functionality for serious outdoor enthusiasts. It boasts impressive features and has a stylish appearance, meaning it is perfect for anyone looking for a polished and professional look at the shoot. 

Although it is definitely considered an investment piece, it is an exceptionally high-quality and desirable garment that delivers optimal performance out on the field. 


Key Features of the Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock

Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock

This smock from Laksen clothing has plenty of features to boast about. It captures the true essence of classic country style with a modern twist that showcases the brand's technical know-how and abilities. 

Some of its standout attributes are: 

  • Material Composition: DWR treated 100% organic Ventile® cotton
  • 100% Polyester mesh lining
  • CTX™ Waterstop system membrane
  • Radio pocket, two side pockets, and a large front pocket
  • Waterproof zippers
  • Detachable and adjustable fleece lined hood
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Soft Lycra storm cuffs.


Pros and Cons of Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock

There is a wide range of benefits found with this men's smock. Even just putting it on, you'll notice the difference in quality and overall premium essence.


  1. Reliable Waterproof Protection - the CTX membrane offers both waterproofness and breathability. This membrane allows excess moisture to escape while keeping water out, ensuring that you stay dry even in harsh weather conditions
  2. Customisable Fit - the detachable hood offers flexibility, allowing you to adapt to changing weather conditions. Plus the adjustable cuffs give more room around the wrists if needed, which is perfect for shooters and hunters needing to operate firearms 
  3. Lightweight & Comfortable - this jacket doesn't hang heavy on the upper body, it is a layer that effortlessly becomes part of the outfit and allows for great freedom of movement. This means that it is easy to wear for extended periods of time, making it perfect for long shoot days or weekend hunts
  4. Sustainable Choice - the use of organic cotton is an admirable design feature by Laksen. Through opting for this smock, you not only invest in essential protection but also contribute to a more environmentally friendly approach to outdoor apparel
  5. Aesthetic Design - the appeal of this mens smock is not only its functionality, but the incredible style it offers. Aesthetically, it is a garment that looks professional and attractive, earning its place at formal shoots as well as the leisure
  6. Brand Reputation - of course, it goes without saying that Laksen knows what its doing what it comes to outdoor clothing. The brand has a stellar reputation and is trusted by country professionals to deliver garments that are always fit for purpose
  7. Versatility - the design of this smock means that it isn't hemmed into just one activity. It's able to be worn for a number of outdoor excursions, plus it is able to slip into your wardrobe with ease and be paired with shooting trousers or waterproof trousers, wellies or hunting boots, and dressed up with accessories. 

However, it is worth taking note of the following points.


  1. High Price Point - there's no denying that this product is an expensive option. However, despite the initial costs, your money gets returned back to you with the incredible value and performance of this waterproof jacket 
  2. No Additional Insulation - although the smock is warm and comfy, it would need to be layered up during any particularly bitterly cold days. Luckily, this is built into the design, with the fit of the garment allowing for layering underneath.


Is this Mens Smock Right for You?

Man Wearing Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock Getting into Car

If you're in the market for a high-quality smock that offers exceptional protection in various weather conditions, then the Laksen Dynamic CTX Eco Smock is definitely worth considering. 

Sleek and stylish, protective and durable, comfortable and well-fitting - there's advantages galore with this garment. It can be worn for a number of outdoor activities, as well as not looking out of place when just nipping into the village on a rainy day. In addition to this, it matches well with not just other Laksen clothing, but any outdoor wear.

It does come with a high price tag, but the cost is justified when you consider the technical and innovative features found throughout. Once you wear the garment, you will experience the difference that Laksen brings. 


Alternative Mens Smocks

There are plenty of great smocks on the market if you think perhaps the Dynamic Eco Smock isn't quite right for you. 

Our full mens smocks collection has some further choices to suit all kinds of budgets.

Still in the higher price range and similar to the Laksen, we suggest having a look at:

    Or for some lower cost choices, you could consider:

    So, whether you're a fan of this Laksen jacket or you prefer exploring alternative options, there are plenty of top brands to consider. From Ridgeline to Hoggs of Fife and Jack Pyke, you can find a smock that meets your specific needs and provides the essential protection and freedom of movement required for outdoor activities.



    Overall, this mens smock is a remarkable piece of outdoor apparel that truly lives up to the Laksen reputation. 

    From its excellent durability and exceptional waterproofing to its eco-friendly construction, this garment encompasses everything you could desire in a high-quality outer layer for outdoor activities and country pursuits.

    Don't settle for less when it comes to your clothing, choose Laksen and elevate your outdoor experience to new heights.

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