Why Ridgeline Clothing Should Be Your Go-To for Shooting Jackets

Why Ridgeline Clothing Should Be Your Go-To for Shooting Jackets

Why Ridgeline Clothing Should Be Your Go-To for Shooting Jackets

If you're in the market for a new shooting jacket, Ridgeline Clothing should be your go-to brand. Their jackets and smocks are specifically designed to meet the needs of shooters, offering a combination of comfort, durability, and functionality that is unparalleled. 

Having a trusted, reliable hunting jacket means that you can focus firmly on your shooting skills, knowing that, quite literally, your jacket has your back.

That's what Ridgeline jackets do - they give you the confidence to get out in the field or step up at the range, and participate in the timeless country sport of shooting. 

So, if you've been wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to this outdoor brand, let us show you why they are the perfect choice for your next shooting coat. 


Why Wear a Shooting Jacket?

Man Wearing Ridgeline Jacket

Brands like Ridgeline have incorporated technical know-how and real-life hunters' experience into their wide range of shooting jackets.

By understanding the needs of shooters, they have developed durable, lightweight, and waterproof clothing that can withstand the toughest tasks with confidence.

Some of the main advantages of opting for a shooting jacket are:

  • Weather Protection - it's likely that you will encounter shoot days which are rainy and wet, which means that you need to be prepared for spending extended periods of time outside in this type of weather. Most shooting jackets have fantastic waterproof ratings that will bring you that peace of mind 
  • All-Day Comfort - shoot days can be long days and so it's important to have a jacket that fits you well, rests easy on your shoulders, and makes you feel comfortable throughout the day
  • Durability & Long-Lasting - a perfect jacket should be one that lasts, so you don't have to keep replacing it season after season. By opting for a brand like Ridgeline, you know that the materials used and the construction of the garment itself is going to result in a shooting jacket that has durable written all over it  
  • Functionality & Practicality - alongside their weather protection, these jackets often feature extra protection in high wear areas, such as reinforced shoulders and elbows. Additionally, they may include game pockets, cartridge pockets, and plenty of chest pockets for storing essentials
  • Tradition & Style - there is a certain heritage and tradition associated with this country sport, and a shooting jacket ties into the etiquette and professional approach. Traditionally, tweed coats were the standard, but now advancements in fabric technologies sees modern jackets utilise high-tech contemporary styles. 


Is Ridgeline a Shooting Brand?

With their roots in the rugged New Zealand mountains, Ridgeline understands the demanding nature of shooting and other country pursuits.

They specialise in outdoor clothing, and their commitment to providing affordable, high-quality shooting jackets sets them apart from the competition. By combining innovation and functionality, their garments become an ideal choice for shooters and hunters.

Ridgeline smocks and jackets are fantastically designed, ready for the great outdoors, and there are numerous mid-layers and accessories also from this brand which help boost up your entire shooting apparel.

Whether you're facing rough shooting terrain or unpredictable weather conditions, Ridgeline is a top choice for waterproof shooting jackets.


Why Choose Ridgeline Clothing?

Man Wearing Ridgeline Jacket Whilst Shooting

As a renowned brand in the outdoor clothing industry, Ridgeline is synonymous with durability and performance in hunting and country pursuits.

Their reliable outer layers have numerous advantages and exceptional features that all help you to confidently tackle your shooting tasks. 

Some of their key benefits are:

  • Quality Materials - these are used throughout the Ridgeline clothing range to create durable, performance-led, and comfortable garments that illustrate what outdoor clothing should be 
  • Technical Features - alongside the fantastic waterproof and windproof technology utilised, there are also fantastic handy features like taped seams, multiple pockets, and two-way zips to further enhance your shooting game
  • A Variety of Garments - from Ridgeline smocks and jackets to waterproof trousers, base layers, and bush shirts, it's easy to fully kit yourself out in their clothing. Furthermore, within their jacket and smock range, there are versatile design choices to suit each individual
  • Durability - these garments are built to last. In fact, we have written a separate blog post that delves right into the details of their longevity and why this makes them a reliable option
  • Brand Reputation - this brand has a lot of backing, and their practical hunting jackets are seen throughout the shooting fields across the UK. They are popular choices that stand the test of time and each garment highlights Ridgeline's confirmed status in the shooting world.

In order to further help make up your mind about whether Ridgeline clothing is right for your hunting jacket, we've answered three of the top questions asked about this hunting brand.


Is Ridgeline Clothing Waterproof?

Ridgeline has built a reputation for producing high-quality and performance-driven waterproof outerwear. Their commitment to using breakthrough technologies ensures that their jackets and smocks are not only durable but also completely waterproof. 

If you don't want to compromise on waterproof capabilities, Ridgeline jackets should be up for serious consideration. Their attention to detail in sealing all seams and incorporating the latest waterproofing technology demonstrates their superior standing in outdoor garments. 

Designed to keep you dry and comfortable throughout a shoot, hunt, or other country pursuit, you can trust in this clothing to withstand the toughest weather conditions. 


Are Ridgeline Jackets Warm?

Man Wearing Ridgeline Jacket Outdoors

The variety offered by Ridgeline means that they have numerous jackets suitable for all different seasons. 

There are the classic shooting jackets and shooting smocks, as well as fleece jackets and even hybrid fleece options. All their garments are created to keep you warm when you're outside, but it's important to pay attention to the features of each individual item. 

Some outdoor jackets can prioritise breathability, due to their intended active use, which can mean that they are overall less insulated than others. Some of the more lightweight jackets allow for layering underneath, so you can create your own level of warmth, whereas others are designed to be that trusted, main outer layer that does it all. 

The great thing about Ridgeline is that there are plenty of options for you. No matter what kind of hunting jacket you're after, their collection is the perfect place to start. 


Are Ridgeline Jackets Good?

It's with good reason why Ridgeline jackets are so popular for shooting, and that simple reason is that they are so good!

With their exceptional quality, outstanding performance, and innovative technological features, Ridgeline jackets consistently deliver in the harshest conditions.

Heavy downpours and gusty winds are no match for these garments, which immediately makes them a contender as a fantastic jacket. Having the ability to keep you warm and dry when you're out in the field is what every shooting jacket should have,

If you demand the best in your outdoor gear, then Ridgeline clothing should be able to quickly earn your trust. With Ridgeline jackets, you can tackle your shooting tasks with confidence, knowing that you are equipped with top-of-the-line gear that will meet and exceed your expectations.



Ultimately, when it comes to shooting jackets, Ridgeline clothing is the perfect choice for anyone who values durable performance, functionality, and style. 

Their commitment to providing quality garments that have been precisely engineered to enhance your shooting experience cannot be ignored and puts them as a top selection for all things shooting.

Make Ridgeline your go-to brand, and you won't be disappointed. 

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