The Best Wellies and Boots for Autumn Walks in the UK

With the walking season in full swing, we decided to put together a list of the best walking shoes and wellingtons for walking and country living in the UK. The British weather is known for being unpredictable, but come rain or shine, we can always get a nice walk in if we’re properly equipped. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at our most recommended walking boots and wellingtons for men and women that will keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. 


Best Walking Boots For Men

Finding the right walking boot means you can be ready for any outdoor adventure. The walking boots below are perfect for long distance walking routes, like The Ridgeway trail. The Ridgeway, is apparently the oldest path in England, and has been used since prehistoric times. After many hours on the road, here are our top pick of men’s walking boots for your next trip to the country:

1. Alan Paine leather walking boots

The Alan Paine men’s leather walking boots are built to last. They are the perfect boot for all weather conditions, and will serve you particularly well in the colder and wetter times of the year due to their thermal layer. You’ll have no need to worry about sore feet with these walking boots, they have built in cushioning and padding on the sole to ensure your feet mould to the boot as quickly as possible.

2. Hi-Tec waterproof walking boots 

Whether you’re walking the dog in the countryside or hiking up Snowdon, these boots are the perfect option. With the added Dri-tec waterproof membrane, the Hi-tec men’s walking boots are great for wet and rainy weather. To top it off, they are recommended by the Duke of Edinburgh’s award for the best waterproof boots for outdoor living.

3. Mammut Sapuen low walking shoes 

These walking shoes are the perfect option for all day comfort. The Mammut Sapuen low walking shoes offer great protection for long country walks and are also great for day to day life. If you don’t want a high-top walking boot, then these are the perfect alternative. Plus, they have all the features you’d want from walking shoes like comfort, durability, and protection for the dreaded rain. 

walking boots

Best Walking Boots For Women 

Investing in the right pair of walking boots will make your adventure a whole lot easier. Looking for the perfect pair of women’s walking boots? We recommend looking for comfort for long walks and support for uneven walking surfaces. Boots like this are great for longer country walks or hill hiking which can be found in the Pennine Way, Kinder Scout loop. From Ariat footwear to Scarpa boots, here are our top three choices for long hikes:

1. Ariat women’s mid waterproof boots 

The Ariat women’s walking boots are the ultimate walking boots and you’ll be sure to get miles out of them. If you’re always on a new walking adventure, these should be one of your first options. Not only are they extremely practical with added protection and waterproofing, but they are also a stylish shoe. The distressed brown colour with the added blue features make these a unique boot.

2. Scarpa women’s leather walking boots 

These leather walking boots are great if you’re planning to go on longer walks. They feature a gore-tex breathable and waterproof lining which keeps your feet nice and dry, whatever the weather. The comfort fit has been designed for those with broader feet or that like to wear thicker socks when walking or hiking. Looking for a leather walking boot that will last for years? The Scarpa women’s boots are perfect!

3.Mammut women’s Sapuen low walking shoes 

Looking for walking footwear suitable for all terrains? Whether you’re planning to climb a mountain or just stroll around the country, the Mammut women’s walking shoes are a great choice. The waterproof Gore-Tex Performance membrane ensures your feet stay dry whatever the conditions. These are also a great choice if you’re worried about comfort, they have a moulded memory foam heel and arch support to protect your feet. 


Women’s Wellington Boots 

Wet weather shouldn’t be a problem with proper waterproof footwear. Luckily, we have a range of women’s wellies to keep your feet dry next time you’re walking, mucking out, or wandering around the country. Wellington’s are a staple footwear for any type of country activity. Next time you’re heading on a shorter walking route with fairly flat terrain, like the Norfolk Coast path, a pair of wellington boots are perfect.

1. Women’s Sandringham buckle strap wellingtons

Designed in a classic country knee-length style, these wellington boots are available in a variety of colours. Whether you’d like a khaki green or a bright yellow, we have a colour suitable for you. These wellies have been shaped and reinforced with waterproof PVC for full protection against water and mud. Next time you’re taking a trip to the country, pop these on, and you’ll be covered.

Ariat Arctic muck boots

2. Women’s tall muck boots 

From the Original Muck Company, the ladies’ Arctic II muck boots are some of the warmest and most comfortable wellington boots on offer. No matter what the weather, they’re the ideal pair of winter sport wellingtons. Their exceptional insulation will keep your feet comfortable and warm - no matter how low the temperature drops. Why not pair your wellington boots with a boot bag to keep them in good condition?

3. Ariat women’s wellington boots 

These wellies are elegant and attractive, and are available in two traditional country colours of blue or green. The boot also features a stylish buckle at the top which offers a nice contrast to the overall boot. As comfortable as they are smart, the Ariat wellington boot has a sturdy sole which offers support for all types of terrain. Don’t worry about getting them muddy either, it’ll easily come off with a damp cloth and water.


Men’s Wellington Boots 

With all the classic country colours on offer, we have a range of men’s wellington boots to suit country walks, sports, gardening, or any other outdoor activity. We have chosen wellies based on comfort and practicality, which means all our boots are 100% waterproof. If you’re going on a family stroll to a National Park like Sheringham park, take a look at our best men’s wellington boots below:

1. Ariat men’s insulated and waterproof wellington boots 

These Ariat men’s wellies are a staple for any outdoor activity, from farming to walking. With an insulated layer, they offer comfort and warmth during the autumn and winter months. They go perfect over waterproof pants to prevent you from getting wet next time you’re stuck in the elements. If you’re looking for a waterproof, insulated traditional wellie, then these should be your go to.

2. Chore Classic men’s muck boots 

This rugged men’s wellington is designed to provide all the comfort and protection of a heavy duty work boot and is up to the toughest of tasks. The Chore Classic features rubber reinforcing overlay that protects both your heel and toe. The outer layer is durable to prevent sharp objects from piercing the boot which makes it perfect for farmers or anything intensive outdoors. 


Choosing The Best Walking Boots And Wellingtons For You 

We hope you have found this post on the best walking boots and wellingtons useful. There are so many options to choose from: different styles, types of footwear, and colours, and it’s a good idea to think about what you want to use your footwear for. A walking boot is a better option for long, strenuous hikes, whereas a wellington boot is a better choice for farming or walking around your country home.

If you have any questions about our range of walking footwear, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk about the different options we have available.

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