10 Best Sport Clay Pigeon Shooting Experiences in the UK

Top 10 Clay Pigeon Shooting Experiences in the UK

This article has been updated in January 2024.

Sport shooting, or clay pigeon shooting, continues to increase in popularity across the United Kingdom (UK), as more shooting hobbyists want to increase their stamina, range, and experience in time for game season. 

This country sport has seen a revival over the past few years. One particularly noteworthy moment was at the 2020 Olympics, when our very own Team GB's Matt Coward-Holley won a bronze medal for the men's trap. This incredible success boosted the sport's profile and caused a substantial surge in interest. In fact, searches for clay pigeon shooting experiences soared by an almost unbelievable 335%!

The Covid-19 pandemic also has had an impact. With an increase in staycations, many now search for ways to enjoy the beautiful British countryside in all its glory. One way to do this is to take part in traditional recreational sports and outdoor activities, such as shooting. 

The appeal of clay pigeon shooting remains as vibrant as ever, and we've got some of the best shooting experiences for you here in this blog post. So, if you've been looking for somewhere to hone your skills, enjoy a fun day out, or simply do something different, then join us as we explore where to go in the UK.

The Impact of Staycations on Shooting Season

The tourism industry continues to evolve and reshape itself after the pandemic. 

In 2021, the UK Government introduced the Tourism Recovery Plan, which aimed to return domestic tourism to pre-pandemic levels by 2022 and international tourism by 2023. An update on its delivery was published in March 2023. 

In this update, it was recorded that the government, with the BTA and National Lottery, initiated a £10 million ‘Days Out’ campaign, encouraging offseason day trips to UK tourist sites. This effort, active from Oct 2021 to Mar 2022, led to 201,700 redeemed vouchers, generating £6.3 million.

This demonstrates the draw and opportunities which the UK can bring to those wanting new experiences and trips out. 

So, what does this mean for shooting season? Well, with staycations across the UK still being a great way to enjoy a holiday without all the fuss or cost of travelling abroad, we can all do our bit to continue to boost the tourism industry in the country. 

Heading out on a shooting experience is one of the ways to do this. Not only do you put money back into the UK economy, but you get to enjoy the scenic countryside at the same time. It's a win, win!

Top 10 Clay Pigeon Shooting Grounds to Visit This Season

Using Google Reviews and TripAdvisor data, we have put together a list of top 10 clay pigeon shooting ranges. From Scotland and North Ireland to the North and South of England, we’ve found the best schools, grounds, and national treasures to visit and learn about this beautiful sport.

Grab your very own tweed jacket and begin this journey with us, as we talk you through the areas, prices, and facilities of each shooting experience.

Please note that all prices were accurate at the time of writing. Please refer to each shooting range's official website for the most up-to-date pricing information.


1. Loch Lomond Shooting School, Scotland

The top contender for the best clay pigeon shooting experience in the UK is the Loch Lomond Shooting School in Scotland. Located on a beautiful island in Loch Lomond - Inchcailloch, which means island of the old or cowled woman, the area is surrounded by rich history and folklore.

Loch Lomond Shooting School is set in a scenic woodland overlooking, as you’ve guessed it, Loch Lomond which is one of the most popular destinations in Scotland. Featured in the song ‘The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond’ and home to over 30 small islands surrounding it, there is plenty to see and do around the area. We recommend walks to see waterfalls and wildlife as well as cycling, camping, angling, golfing, and many more activities that the school has to offer.

Pricing and Experiences at Loch Lomond Shooting School

Here is what you can expect when coming to Loch Lomond:

  • Clay shooting £70 per person for 45 clays. This includes the use of guns, ear defenders, and expert tuition.
  • Archery from £40 per person
  • Air Rifles from £40 per person

Facilities: You will find modern electronic traps which give a variety of targets to simulate everything from high pheasants to bolting rabbits, all in a scenic woodland setting overlooking Loch Lomond.


2. Eagle Brae Estate, Scotland

Leading the way in sustainable tourism, spend your vacation in red cedar log cabins at the Eagle Brae Estate. Marketed as carbon-neutral holidays, committed to sustainable eco-tourism, entirely self-sufficient for all utility and energy needs there are plenty of experiences to undertake from tree planting to, of course, clay pigeon shooting. 

There is a micro-hydro scheme that provides electricity and hot water to all cabins, whilst biomass wood-pellet burners provide underfloor heating throughout. All water is sourced from a natural, sustainable underground supply, treated on-site and gravity fed to all cabins. It really, truly is a green holiday stay.


Pricing and Experiences at Eagle Brae Estate

To start off, you can partake in a tree planting scheme that focuses on conservation and positive impact on the planet:

  • Arrange for Eagle Brae to plant a tree for you in existing exclosure: £36
  • Help Eagle Brae team plant a tree in existing exclosure: £28
  • Arrange for Eagle Brae to plant a tree with its own protective fencing: £79
  • Help Eagle Brae team plant a tree with its own protective fencing: £69

Clay pigeon shooting takes place around the grounds and is only half an hour away from Loch Ness. Pricing is the same for all and includes all the things you’d need to stay practising away:

  • £85 per person, including guide and use of shot gun, clays, ear defenders and up to 50 cartridges.



    3.  North Devon Shooting Ground, England

    North Devon Shooting Ground is run by husband and wife team Clive and Jackie Warren and assisted by Gavin Davies in the South West of England. 

    Located on the road to Woolacombe Beach, which is one of the finest beaches in the West Country, it is easy to see why this shooting ground has won numerous awards. It’s a big favourite with families and surfers, attracting thousands of people each summer to the beach and Woolacombe village. There are also lots of beaches nearby as part of an Area of Natural Beauty (North Devon AONB). 

    Pricing and Experiences at North Devon Shooting Ground

    If you’ve had experience with clay shooting you can simply pay for the “birds”, they’re not pricey and offer a lot of fun:

    If you’ve had experience with clay shooting you can simply pay for the “birds”, they’re not pricey and offer a lot of fun:

    • 100 Birds: £36
    • 80 Birds: £31
    • 50 Birds: £20
    • Gun Hire (Shotgun certificate holders only): £5

    For those that need a refresher or want to learn more about the ins and outs of shooting, we recommend lessons with instructors:

    • £85 for a 1-hour lesson, which includes up to 100 clays (Cartridges extra)
    • £95 for a 1-hour lesson for 2, which includes up to 100 clays (Cartridges extra)

    If you are a beginner, a new starter, or never shot before, North Devon Shooting Ground highly recommends the 'Have a Go' clay shooting package:

    • Have A Go - Clay Shooting (includes full instruction with gun hire) x 25 Clays and Cartridges £34
    • Have A Go - Clay Shooting (includes full instruction with gun hire) x 50 Clays and Cartridges £60

      4. Crombie Clay Shooting, Scotland

      Set amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the Highlands, Crombie Clay Shooting is a must-visit site in Scotland. You can take up clay shooting in different parts of the area allowing you to experience unique sceneries, whether it’s Brackletter, near Fort William (the town is often described as the Outdoor Capital of the UK), Ardtornish Estate, or Ardnamurchan Estate.

      This wonderful, privately owned school offers something for everyone from clay pigeon shooting, air rifles, archery, crossbows, tomahawk throwing, all the way to sling shots. If you’re up for sightseeing, you are 10 miles away from Ben Nevis, 13 miles from Steall Falls, and close to Old Inverlochy Castle and Northern Lights viewing spot!

      Unfortunately, the website does not give away the pricing, however, TripAdvisor and other websites state that it is a reasonable range for the services you get. To find out more, contact the team at Crombie.

      5. North Ayrshire Shooting Ground, Scotland

      Located near some of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland, the North Ayrshire Shooting Ground is a fantastic all year and all weather attraction. This professional school is home to national and international competitions as well as Olympic Skeet and Olympic Trap training. 

      The grounds are located near tourist attractions and are a perfect visit if you’re looking to pick up clay shooting more seriously. If you live in the area there are fantastic clubs you can join like the Air Rifle Club, Ayrshire Gun Club, and the Scottish Country Sports Club.

      Pricing and Experiences North Ayrshire Shooting Ground 

      An introductory clay target taster session starts from as little as £30.00 for 25 targets. You can also do a 50 target clay shooting experience.

      You will receive full training from an experienced, expert instructor and all the gear you need to enjoy your activity day!

      This clay pigeon experience provides instruction for complete beginners, as well as refresher lessons for seasoned shooters. 

        6. Highland Shooting Centre, Scotland

        The Highland Shooting Centre is a family owned business which focuses on lessons and group events, making clay shooting and deer stalking more accessible to those who are just starting out. Found right in the centre of the Scottish highlands you can enjoy shooting as well as walks all over Lairg, the nearby Loch Shin, or the local castles.

        If you want a real taste of nature, nearby Falls of Shin are famous for being one of the best places in Scotland to view salmon in their natural habitat. You can watch salmon leap at these waterfalls and take in the breathtaking surroundings. 

        Pricing and Experiences at Highland Shooting Centre

        This shooting centre offers a wide range of packages ranging from beginner to more advanced hunting hobbyists. Whilst the prices are a little higher than some of the other schools, it’s not the most expensive on the list:

        • Clay target lesson 1 hour - £80
        • Advanced clay target session 1 hour - £100
        • Simulated Game - £90



        7. Edradynate Estate, Scotland

        Staying on the Edradynate Estate is a treat in itself as you can choose a large and luxurious country house to rent. The country home is in a gorgeous area, standing 200 feet above the River Tay, it enjoys glorious views across Strathtay, one of Perthshire’s most beautiful glens.

        With 4000 acres, including two lochs, at your disposal there is plenty outside to keep everybody occupied, including salmon and trout fishing, pheasant shooting and clay shooting.

        Pricing and Experiences at Edradynate Estate

        This estate groups its offers and experiences into different packages which makes it handy for you to plan not just your clay shooting but also the entire stay. Take a look at some of the packages available:

        Full Day

        • £200 per gun (without cartridges), £250 ( Including 250 Cartridges)
        • Bacon roll and coffee on arrival
        • 3 morning drives including “elevenses”
        • Lunch
        • Afternoon drive
        • Tea/coffee and light refreshments prior to departure
        • Prices based on teams of 8 guns

        Half Day

        • £100 per gun (without cartridges), £125 ( Including 100 Cartridges)
        • Light refreshments, tea/coffee on arrival
        • 3 drives
        • Followed by BBQ or sandwiches
        • Prices based on teams of 8 guns


        • £40 per hour ‘Have a Go’
        • £60 with tuition and cartridges
        • Light refreshment on arrival
        • Followed by an hour (or more to suit)
        • Tuition on various targets 

        8. Shanaghey Shooting Grounds, Northern Ireland

        Located in Carrickaholten Forest, one of the hidden forests of West Tyrone, high up in the hills near Kileter the Shanaghey Shooting Grounds are surrounded by beautiful scenery. The hidden forests mean that you can take a walk in those and never meet anyone else, it’s the perfect sport for practice and pondering.

        Close to St Patrick’s Well, there is something to satisfy the tourist in all of us. According to tradition St. Patrick stopped here to rest himself and quench his thirst on returning from a period of Lenten Sacrifice on a nearby island on Lough Derg. Many within the local community celebrate this event each year on St. Patrick's Day while local legend also has it that the water from St. Patrick's well can help ease the pain of toothache.

        Whilst there is no pricing or a website we can share, Shanaghey Shooting Grounds are a local, hidden gem that you can find on social media or locals talking about. For more information be sure to give them a ring on 07816171231.


        9. Carnview Farms, Northern Ireland

        If you’re looking for a premium experience, Carnview Farms in Ballymena are a must visit. Ballymena is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Northern Ireland. It perches on the coastal route that leads up to the Giant’s Causeway and inland there are forests, rivers and unspoilt countryside surrounding the town.

        Facilities set to an Olympic standard and only a 30 minute drive from Belfast, it’s an easy to get to destination and well worth the trip for families or corporate events.


        Pricing and Experiences at Carnview Farms

        Clay shooting packages are set on a per person standard based on your group and the pricing is on the lower end of the spectrum of our list - making this a very affordable choice:

        • The cost for a group of 1-4 people is £55 per person
        • 5-7 people is £50 per person
        • 8 or more people the price is £45 per person

        The above prices are all inclusive i.e. clays, cartridges, gun and safety equipment hire, tuition, insurance and is for approx. (25-30 shots each)

        Two clay shooting cartridges against a background of shooting targets

        10. Cloudside Shooting Ground, England

        Home to all things country, Cheshire is where we find Cloudside Shooting Grounds. Near the edge of Peak District in beautiful Congleton, this area is home the best shooting experiences in the North West. All layouts at this ground are set to championship standard with instructors onsite to help new fans of this sport, as young as 12 years old.


        Pricing and Experiences at Cloudside Shooting Ground

        The pricing is set up in packages, starting with a novice package which is best suited for those new to slay shooting sports. The we climb to more elaborate packages which, of course, include things like some of our favourite Cheshire foods. Take a look at what you can choose from:

        Clay Pigeon shooting starter experience - from £44.99

        • Practice 25 Shots & Clays with a Friendly & Qualified Professional Instruction
        • Then relax with a Sausage or bacon sandwich and a Tea or Coffee

        Clay Bigeon Shooting Silver Experience - from £79.99

        • Practice 25 Shots & Clays with a Friendly & Qualified Professional Instruction
        • Take a break with a tea or coffee
        • Then 25 Competition Clays with a Qualified Professional Instruction
        • Then relax with a Sausage or bacon sandwich and a Tea or Coffee

        Clay Pigeon Shooting Gold Experience - from £89.99

        • start with a breakfast sandwich and Tea or Coffee
        • Practice 25 Shots & Clays with a Friendly & Qualified Professional Instruction
        • Take a break with a tea or coffee
        • Then 25 Competition Clays with a Qualified Professional Instruction
        • Then relax with a Main Meal with Hand Cut Chips and Veg

        Picking Your Favourite Clay Shooting Ground

        Our list highlighted only 10 of shooting grounds in the UK and beyond, but there are plenty to choose from as the love for this sport grows. For a quick breakdown of the best clay shooting estates, take a look at our table below:






        Loch Lomond Shooting School


        Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, Scotland


        Eagle Brae Estate


        Struy, Inverness-shire, Scotland


        North Devon Shooting Ground

        South West

        North Devon, England


        Crombie Clay Shooting


        Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire, Scotland


        North Ayrshire Shooting Ground


        Dalry, North Ayrshire, Scotland


        Highland Shooting Centre


        Lairg, Sutherland, Scotland


        Edradynate Estate


        Edradynate by Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland


        Shanaghey Shooting Grounds

        Northern Ireland

        Killeter, Castlederg, Northern Ireland


        Carnview Farms

        Northern Ireland

        Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland


        Cloudside Shooting Ground

        North West

        Congleton, Cheshire, England

        Results were determined by compiling Google Reviews and Tripadvisor data to determine an overall score out of 10. 

        Now that you know where all the reviews and internet favourites lie, which would you choose? Be sure to let us know and don’t forget to stock up on some of our shooting and country clothing favourites to get ready for your own shooting trip.


        Matthew Holland brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the world of shooting. Residing and working in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, Matthew not only writes about shooting experiences but lives them firsthand. As a member of a regular shoot, he draws from his personal experiences to share insights and recommendations for this country sport. Combining his practical knowledge with a genuine love for country living, Matthew is your trusted guide to all things shooting and hunting.

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