What Does UPF Rating Really Mean for Tilley Hats?

UPF Rating Explained for Tilley Hats UK

What Does UPF Rating Really Mean for Tilley Hats?

Buying a new sun hat can be exciting time, for it usually symbolises holidays, warm weather, and outdoor activities are on the horizon. 

Hollands has a great collection of sun hats for all your summer-time adventures, and part of our range are the wonderful hats from Tilley Hats UK. 

One of the main features which this brand offers is the maximum protection UPF rating. When you see this listed in the product description, you can guess that it sounds good, but what does that rating really mean?

Well, we're here to help. So that you can really understand UPF ratings and all things Tilley Hats, we've put together the following guide that will make your hat buying quicker, and leave you with your vacation mode firmly on! 


What is UPF Rating?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. 

It is a useful rating that demonstrates how well the fabric of apparel is able to block out the sun. The fabric is tested, and subsequently proven, to block an 'X' amount of ultraviolet radiation. This 'X' amount allows for the fabric to be given a UPF rating number and put into a protection category. 

The higher the number, the better the fabric rating. Which then means the better the protection for you!

These are the protection categories which currently exist:

  • UPF 15-24, which is given as "Good". Tested to block out at least 93.3% UV radiation.
  • UPF 25-39, which is given as "Very Good". Tested to block out at least 96% UV radiation.
  • UPF 40-50+, which is given as "Excellent". Tested to block out at least 97.5% UV radiation.
  • UP 50+, which is the maximum rating that can be provided. The best of the best, essentially.


Why Is UPF Rating Important?

When we go on holiday, out fishing or for a hike, or there's a heatwave in Britain and we're all out in the garden for barbeques, we love the bright blue skies and the feeling of the warm sunshine on our skin.  

Ever since we were little, we have been taught about sun safety. Lots of sunscreen, covering your head and neck, and staying in the shade during the hottest parts of the day. It's an important part of enjoying yourself over the summer months.

So, when you get a sun hat to provide that cover for your head, you want it to be a good one. That's why looking at the UPF rating for the hat can help you decide the best to get. When the hat has a high UPF rating, you know your hat is going to be working hard to block out the sun, so you can stay safe on your outdoor adventures. 


Tilley Hats and UPF Rating

Tilley Hats is a Canadian brand, who are known for their wide range of fantastic hats that offer maximum UPF ratings. 

When you think of the perfect sun hat, you're thinking of a Tilley Hat - whether you know it or not! They are attractively designed in classic styles, with excellent sun protection and further additional features. Outdoor enthusiasts love Tilley Hats, and it's not hard to see why. 


Alex Tilley and the Tilley Hat

The founder, Alex Tilley, was somewhat of a perfectionist when it came to his hats. He was struggling to find one that ticked all his boxes - great design, durability, stays securely on the head, and full of functionality, like being able to float. He was a sailor, and he wanted a hat suited to be out at sea with.

With this in mind, he decided to create his own. Tilley Hats was born, and it's been going from strength to strength ever since. 

Although crafted originally for sailing, these hats aren't just for the open waters. There's a home for a Tilley Hat on any head for anyone wanting to do anything outdoorsy. 


Maximum Sun Protection with Tilley Hats UK

What makes Tilley Hats so special is that maximum UPF 50+ rating given to the majority of their designs. 

Tilley Hats UK Iconic Bucket Hat on Model

Having a hat with that top sun protection rating simply makes your life easier. You look for waterproof protective clothing when the rain is pouring, so make sure you opt for high sun protection when you're choosing a hat for the heat.


Types of Tilley Hats and Their Sun Protection Ratings

Once you get your hands on a Tilley Hat, it quickly becomes an essential item in your wardrobe.

Heading out fishing? Pop it on.

Arranging a hike with a friend? Hat checked off. 

Lounging by the pool after an all-inclusive breakfast? Perfect to keep your head cool.

Some of our top choices for Tilley Hats UK that have the maximum UPF 50+ rating are:

Browse our full collection or, for further inspiration, check out our blog on Our Favourite Tilley Hats for Summer


Features That Provide Maximum Protection for Tilley Hats

Alongside their exceptional sun protection, Tilley Hats UK has an array of features that are designed to provide superior comfort for the wearer.

Some of their top features include:

  • Wide brim sizes
  • Wind cords to keep hat secure in gusty conditions
  • Secret pocket to keep valuables safe
  • Strong winds durability
  • Moisture-wicking Hydrofil 
  • Buoyant design
  • Mesh breathable fabrics or grommets for excellent ventilation
  • Durable Water Repellent Finish.

Tilley Hats offers almost unparalleled protection, as their designs have been so thoughtfully created. When your foundation lies in the lakes of Ontario, you can see why Tilley Hats have a reputation of beautiful, sun protection hats that continue to be a popular choice for those who love the outdoors.



Now you understand what UPF ratings mean, it's time to pick up your own Tilley Hat and put it to good use in the summer-time.

But, when that cooler weather hits, don't forget those extra features that help wind and rain protection. A Tilley Hat isn't just for summer, but you can't go through the season without one! 

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