Tilley Hats - Our Favourite Tilley Hats for Summer

Our Favorite Tilley Hats for Summer

Which Tilley Hat is Your Next Favourite Sun Hat?

Whether you like to spend your summer season on the beach or out on the water, going hiking or taking city breaks, doing gardening or having barbeques on the deck, there is one key piece of kit which you will need to see you through, and that's a Tilley Hat.

When the summertime bursts into season, we all start dreaming of the exciting adventures, long lazy days, and outdoor exploration that comes with this time of year. 

The warmth and bright blue skies which summer offers means that it's the perfect opportunity to spend as much time as possible outside; enjoying your days by soaking up the rays. This is exactly what Alex Tilley used to do, back in Canada, where the idea for the first Tilley Hat came into his head. 

Alex Tilley was a fisherman who simply loved being out on the water. It was nature itself and the gorgeous Canadian landscape which inspired him to handcraft the first Tilley Hat that would soon be the envy of all the seas. Now, Tilley Hats has a full collection that is designed for a range of outdoor adventures; making these hats perfect for all kinds of summer fun. 

Providing sun protection, stylish comfort, breathability, and exceptional Lifetime Guarantee durability, a Tilley Hat is what the summer has been calling for. 


Our Top 5 Picks

Believe us, it's hard to narrow down our fantastic collection of Tilley Hats to just 5, but we couldn't resist these particular ones for their versatility and host of features.

We want to showcase what makes Tilley Hats so special - and so ideal for the summer - and these 5 picks are the perfect way to do so. 


1. Tilley Hats Outback Waxed Cotton Hat

Tilley Hats Outback Waxed Cotton Hat

Stepping up to the plate first is the Outback Waxed Cotton Hat.

We love the classic Aussie outback feel to this hat, with its oval-shape and curved brim style. It's one of their heritage hats that has been handmade with the unforgettable Tilley care and consideration that give you the very best of designs. 

The fabric is rated UPF 50+, which is the highest rating given, so you know that you are getting top-quality sun protection whenever you take the Outback to head back out. Having that peace of mind when you are looking forward to a long day in the sunshine is just one of the reasons why Tilley Hats are a great choice for the summer.

Made from sustainable 100% BCI cotton that has a water repellent finish, this is a stunning hat that is perfect for everyday summer activities. 


2. Tilley Hats Iconic Bucket Hat

Tilley Hats Iconic Bucket Hat

Next up to shine is the Iconic Bucket Hat. 

This style of hat has burst back into fashion in recent years, but it has always been a popular choice with anyone who enjoys the sunshine. It is not only a staple of a fishing collection wardrobe, it is also ideal for casual, relaxed, knockabout summer days. 

The Tilley design of the bucket hat comes in a range of bright and neutral colours to add character to your outfit, and is made from 100% cotton duck fabric. It is also lightweight and has excellent ventilation to keep your head cool on those baking hot days, whilst still providing you with exceptional UPF 50+ protection. 

When the hot weather hits, you will be glad to scoop up this sun hat and head out the door in style. 


3. Tilley Hats Wanderer Hat

Tilley Hats Wanderer Hat

If your favourite kind of hat is a wider brim hat, wonder no further than the Wanderer. 

This is a hat not only just for warm afternoons, but for those pesky wet weather summer days. The larger brim and durable water repellent material of this hat allows for rain protection, and any gusts of wind are taken care of with the adjustable wind cord. 

Designed to give that well-travelled look, the Wanderer Hat is a stylish option for endless exploring in the summer. Pop on a pair of deck shoes, and you'll be ready for the sunshine. There will also be no more horrified yells of 'Hat Overboard!' as the buoyancy insert, at the heart of Tilley Hats' reputation, keeps the hat afloat if it ends up on the wrong side of the boat. 

The breathable cotton duck fabric, hidden pocket, and UPF 50+ sun protection rating all show off the Wanderer from Tilley Hats for doing what they do best - creating hats that look great, feel great, and remain great.


4. Tilley Hats Airflo Broad Brim Recycled Hat

Tilley Hats Airflo Broad Brim Recycled Hat

The Airflo Broad Brim LTM6 hat is truly a hat that was made with comfort in mind. 

Crafted with 100% recycled breathable nylon fabric, it has the UPF 50+ finish to provide exceptional protection from the sun, whilst also utilising Tilley Hats' unique Airflo technology. This makes it one of their wide-brim hats that can blend for winter use, as well as being one of the best for the summer. 

The wide brim helps keep the hot sun off your face, and the mesh panel allows for ventilation when you're out and about. This Airflo hat has a secret pocket tucked inside, and it is available in lots of different colours so you can style it to suit the occasion. We love the Tilley Hats paired with casual shirts, like those from Musto, to give that fresh summer look. 

If you love being active in the summer, you will love this hat. If you love being lazy in the summer, you will love this hat. If you just love the summer and all it brings, then you will love the Tilley Airflo hat.


5. Tilley Hats Authentic T5 Hat

Tilley Hats Authentic T5 Hat

Ending our top picks on a high is the Authentic T5 Hat - made with true Canadian adventurous spirit.  

Summer season hikes are one of the great things about the warm weather, but they can be challenging. It's important to dress for the occasion, to make sure you are protected and comfortable throughout. A decent pair of walking boots is essential, as well as a sturdy bottle or flask for hydration, and, of course, a trusted and reliable Tilley Hat for the journey. 

The Authentic T5 is one of the best hats for hiking because it helps combat the heat and brightness. The dark underbrim for glare protection allows for better visibility, and the medium brim with grommets for ventilation is a key factor in keeping your head cooler in extreme heat.

Ultimate sun protection is important for hiking days, where you may be exposed to strong rays. The UPF 50+ rating of the T5 hat puts it up at the top for doing just this - helping you stay safe and comfortable all summer long.


How to Wear a Tilley Hat

So now you've chosen your new favourite Tilley Hat for the summertime, let's look at the best way for you to wear it.

The recommended way to wear your Tilley Hat is to have it sitting comfortably low on your head, with a slightly loose fit. As Tilley themselves advises, let gravity do the work!

The great thing about a Tilley Hat is that it is adjustable, which means that it has been designed for the individual to make sure it fits right for you. You can use the cords to make the hat tighter or looser, depending on your personal preference and, of course, the unpredictable weather. 


How to Measure Your Head for a Tilley Hat

As innovative and well-designed as the Tilley Hats are, they will be at their very best when they're at the right size for you. Luckily, it's simple and easy to find which size you need. 

Firstly, take a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the middle of your forehead. It should be just above your ears and around midway up the back of your head. As Tilley Hats are designed to be worn slightly loose, keep the tape measure also slightly loose. Repeat the measurement a couple of times to ensure that you get the most accurate number.

Secondly, compare your recorded head measurement against the handy size guide that is included on each product page. This will help you determine which size of Tilley Hat to go for. We've also included the size guide below:

Tilley Size
Head Size (cm)
7 1/8
7 1/4
7 3/8
7 1/2
7 5/8
7 3/4
7 7/8


For example, if your head size was 60cm, you would select the 7 1/2 Tilley Hat size. 

Finally, if you have measured your head, bought your new favourite hat, and then found it wasn't quite the right fit - don't worry! Hollands offers free UK exchanges, so we are always more than happy to swap it out for you. 

And, as ever, if you need any help or further assistance with getting the right fit or style, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We love talking summer hats, and summer adventures!


How to Style Your Tilley Hat

Styling your Tilley hat can elevate your outfit and add a touch of personality to your look. Here are some tips for both men and women:


For Men:

  • Pair your Tilley hat with a casual button-down shirts and deck shoes for a classic summer look
  • Opt for a straw or light-coloured Tilley hat to complement your linen or cotton outfits
  • Experiment with different hatbands or accessories to add a unique twist to your hat, such as a colourful bandana or a leather band
  • Consider wearing your Tilley hat with a lightweight blazer, chinos, and loafers for a smart-casual ensemble
  • Don't be afraid to wear your Tilley hat with swim trunks and a relaxed t-shirt for a beach-ready outfit


For Women:

  • Style your Tilley hat with a flowing maxi dress and sandals for a bohemian-inspired summer look
  • Choose a hat colour that complements your outfit, such as a vibrant Tilley hat to add a pop of colour or a neutral tone for a versatile option
  • Enhance your hat's appeal by attaching decorative pins or brooches that match your personal style
  • Pair your Tilley hat with a romper or jumpsuit for a trendy and effortless summer outfit
  • Combine your hat with a swimsuit, a cover-up, and oversized sunglasses for a chic poolside or beach look

Remember, confidence is key when styling your Tilley hat. Experiment with different outfits and accessories to find the combination that suits your taste and makes you feel your best.



Since they began back in 1980, Tilley Hats have been dedicated to their vision to enhance the outdoor experience.

They focus on sun protection, wind protection, keeping your head warm and keeping your head cool, as well as making the hats stylish and comfortable. Tilley are also committed to sustainability, so you'll find the use of lots of recycled and natural materials throughout their collections. 

A great summer wardrobe needs a great summer hat, and these Tilley Hats are some of the best. So whatever your summertime season brings, take a Tilley Hat along for the ride. 


Mark Holland has a keen eye for all things men's country clothing. Living amidst the fields and farms, he understands the practical aspects of rural living and the timeless style that accompanies it. His advice reflects a genuine appreciation for the comfort and connection that come with country wear. If you're looking for down-to-earth recommendations, then trust Mark to guide you through kitting out your wardrobe with firm favourites and classic designs.

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