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Country living offers a wonderful lifestyle for our pets, especially dogs who love to explore fields, forests, and streams. But, as any dog owner will know, these adventures often bring home lots of muck and mud - usually in the fur of our beloved four-legged friends!

In our collection of multi-award-winning Animology pet care products, there is a fantastic range of dog shampoos, deodorising puppy sprays, paw and nose balms, de-tangle sprays, and much more - including the puppy shampoo that's perfect for the sensitive skin of little pups.

We all want to make sure our dogs have healthy coats that are free from tangles, matting, and odours. Animology continues to be trusted as a pet care product brand for one main reason: the high-quality shampoos and styling products are all designed to ensure that your furry friends receive the highest standard of care. Pick up one of our fantastic dog drying coats too - these are ideal for helping to absorb moisture quickly after baths, reducing the drying time (and keeping your home clean!). Alternatively, we have plenty of dog towels you'll love.

Formulated by expert chemists and made in the UK, these products provide the perfect balance of deep cleaning action and soft gentleness, ensuring that your pets are clean, comfortable, and happy. Choose Animology for easy and effective pet care that's trusted by vets, groomers, and dog owners across 50 countries worldwide.

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