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The perfect shooting day needs clothing to keep you not only warm and dry but also hidden from view, and this is where the camo jacket comes into the game. 

Originally designed for military use, camouflage jackets were intended to help soldiers blend in with their surroundings and remain hidden from the enemy. However, these jackets have since transcended their military origins and are now embraced for their unique aesthetic appeal and practical purposes.

The camouflage patterns on these jackets are still utilised today for their original intent - to help individuals blend into their surroundings and remain discreet. This feature makes camo jackets suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, or camping, where blending with nature is crucial. Moreover, camo jackets are often made with durable and weather-resistant materials, offering protection against wind, rain, and cold temperatures.

When it comes to quality camo jackets, there are numerous styles to choose from, catering to different tastes and preferences. We have technical shooting jackets and fleece jackets from the likes of Deerhunter, as well as Jack Pyke offering up their fantastic range of great quality camouflage jackets at affordable prices to boost up your shooting collection. 

If you're after heavy duty protection from the elements, Ridgeline jackets are the perfect place to start, and we also have a further outdoor product range that focuses on camouflage - such as trousers, accessories, and boots. 

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