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When it comes to keeping your feet comfy on a boat, socks are no small detail.

Saltwater, rough conditions, and constant movement on deck can wear down normal socks quickly, whereas those designed specifically for sailing are built to handle the tough marine environment. They often have key features such as reinforced toes and heels for increased lifespan, alongside flat seams to minimise irritation - especially crucial for long days on deck.

It's important to choose your socks based on your footwear. For example, sailing boots usually require long socks, as they offer maximum coverage and warmth, reaching up to your calf. On the other hand, if you're wearing trainers, you'll probably go for short socks (also known as crew socks) or trainer socks. 

In our brilliant collection, we have great options from the likes of Helly Hansen. Sporty, modern, easy-to-wear, and full of technical attributes that take socks to the next level - they are ideal for any sailing clothing wardrobe. Plus, they also make for ideal nautical gifts if you're searching for the perfect present!

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