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Horse boots and leg wraps are essential accessories for the well-being and protection of our equine companions.

These innovative gear pieces serve to safeguard the horse's legs and hooves from injuries, provide support during intense activities, and aid in the healing process of existing leg injuries. The importance of boots and leg wraps for horses cannot be overstated, as they provide physical support and maximum protection, but also aid in recovery and rehabilitation.

Our collection comes from some of the best known names in the equestrian world, such as Saxon and Weatherbeeta. Horse owners can therefore be confident that they are getting incredible products designed to both durable and fit for purpose.

With a range of different styles and sizes, this impressive selection of horse leg wraps and boots has something for every horse. There are those with some fantastic features, like neoprene lining and breathable fabrics, and even some fun designs for equestrians and their horses who like to stand out from the crowd! 

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