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A well-chosen kids fleece is the perfect practical item for children who live in the countryside and love their outdoor adventures.

The flexibility and soft, lightweight nature of fleece allows kids to run, climb, and explore without being encumbered by heavy clothing. Versatile and easy to layer, these mid - layers let you easily tweak your kids clothes in response to daily weather shifts.

Little ones often love to help with feeding animals, collecting eggs, or planting in the garden. Fleece jackets, gilets, or pullovers keep them warm during these early morning or late evening tasks when temperatures are cooler. Fleece fabric is known for its robust nature, especially on the farm or around stables, which is great for a garment that is likely to be tossed into the wash frequently! 

There is a great selection of styles to choose from. Full zip jackets and hoodies are easy for kids to put on and take off by themselves, promoting independence, while gilets are ideal for layering over long-sleeve shirts or under waterproof jackets. They keep the torso warm without overheating.

We have a wide range of colours and patterns available in our collection from top-name brands like Hoggs of Fife. From classic earthy tones to bright, fun shades, your child can pick their favourite and enjoy wearing it.

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