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Keep your favourite wax jacket looking and performing its best with our collection of waxed cotton care products.

Waxed cotton jackets have long been a much-loved staple of British country clothing, and they are celebrated for being naturally water-resistant and having a traditional aesthetic that looks at home across the countryside, from farms to village fetes. Originating in the sailing industry in the 19th century in Scotland, their capabilities as sturdy, resilient garments were recognised then, and continue to be a popular choice today.

Although the rugged nature of wax coats is what makes them so popular, they still need a little maintenance every now and then. Investing in one of these care and cleaning products is the first step to treating your waxed jackets to a revitalised appearance. It's not just a case of throwing in the washing machine and hoping for the best! The wax coating of the cotton fabric requires certain care instructions, and that's where these waxed cotton dressings and sprays come in.

Often all you need is a flat surface in a well-ventilated area, a soft brush and clean cloth, cold water, and your waxed cotton care product. Brands such as Hoggs of Fife have created these products to be easy to use and incredibly effective, so a little can go a long way! Learn how to take care of your wax jacket with our fantastic informative guide.

After doing battle with weather conditions and outdoor adventures, your waxed cotton jacket will benefit from some proper care. The simple process of reproofing your jacket will refresh its weatherproof properties, alongside protecting the fabric, preventing wear along the seams, and generally giving it a noticeable spruce up. The result? It looks sharp, performs well, and lasts for many years to come. 

Discover top-rated care products to refresh and sustain your cherished wax jackets and coats. 

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