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For anyone embracing the ocean's call, a sailing belt or lanyard becomes their safety net. It’s what lets them enjoy every wave with peace of mind!

Crafted for security, these belts latch on tight, ensuring you stay put instead of tumbling into the sea. They are adjustable to fit various body sizes and can be easily put over sailing clothing and fastened around the waist and across the chest. Besides their critical role in safety, sailing belts step up the game with special spots for stashing tools or hanging onto equipment with loops designed for lanyards.

Lanyards are necessary for attaching ID cards or boat keys, or securing small essential items like whistles, lip balm, or hand sanitiser. You can clip them to belt loops, d-rings on PFDs (such as life jackets), or backpacks. A top tip is to consider those with clasps that are secure but easy to open/close with one hand.

Count on renowned brands such as Musto and Helly Hansen, who offer their expertise to these essential accessories, so you can be assured of top-quality, reliable equipment for all types of sailing. 

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