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Hats, caps, socks, gloves, and ties are not just finishing touches but integral components of a well-prepared shooting outfit. Laksen delivers on this front with an incredible wide range of accessories that all have been carefully designed to enhance your comfort, style, and performance out in the field.

Known for their timeless appeal, flat caps are always a popular option for country sports, and these ones are stunningly crafted. Some even incorporate the exclusive CTX ™ membrane for reliable waterproofing during rainy days. Fedora hats are the hats of choice for the races or formal shoots, making for stylish country clothing that you will love wearing.

Furthermore, their socks use high-quality materials like merino wool to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable inside your wellies or hunting boots, and their ties boast smart, classic designs that complement tattersall shirts effortlessly.

Shooters know that choosing the right gloves is essential, as they need those which can provide both warmth and dexterity when handling firearms and other equipment. Easily find a new pair in this collection, from waterproof gloves to sleek leather gloves.

Whether it’s matching a tweed cap with your Laksen jacket or comfy shooting socks with your Laksen breeks, the brand makes it easy to create a stylish and unified appearance with these accessories. 

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