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Living in the countryside requires tools and equipment that can withstand the elements and perform reliably. Whitby Gear has carved out a reputation for crafting high-quality binoculars and monoculars that perfectly complement the needs of country enthusiasts.

Delivering incredible accuracy, the powerful Whitby Gear binoculars in our collection render every scene in razor-sharp detail, giving you an undeniable advantage in the field. Crisp, high-definition views will certainly impress hunters and shooters, helping you to survey the land, track game, and keep an eye on the sky for any weather changes. Every aspect of the design has been carefully thought out to bring you the very best.

If you need those crystal clear optics but prefer a more compact design, there is also a fantastic range of monoculars to choose from. The superior magnification and image quality are second to none, and they are a great choice for bird watching and country sports. Quick, on-the-go observations combined with easy carry - these shooting accessories make for a reliable addition to your outdoor kit. 

Whether you're a seasoned outdoorsman or a nature enthusiast, Whitby Gear invites you to see the world through a new lens.

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