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This month started with driving Can-am quad bikes, getting covered in mud and meeting other like-minded people, what more could you want? As you may know I am an ambassador for CAN-AM and this month they decided to get the team together for an event at our farm. It was so much fun; these vehicles are just made for farming and wow what a great experience is was. A proper ‘boys and their toys’ kind of day, driving about, having a laugh, learning about each other’s backgrounds and learning more about what goes into creating them, the Can-ams. By the end of the day I was that covered in mud by girlfriend threatened to Jet wash me off before coming into the house, luckily, I managed to avoid this ha-ha.

Tom Pemberton Farm life

Tom Pemberton farm life

After a day of pure fun, it was back to work and getting ready for Christmas! I still can’t believe we’re in December already, the year has flown by but in the best way. This year our farm shop decided to host a Christmas light switch on event again but this time with a Santa’s grotto and different tasting stations. When the shop puts on an event like this, it’s a real team effort by all the staff and the family, meaning everyone has to muck in to help. My sister and her husband had the job of making Santa’s grotto, we decided we’d put up a marquee at the back of the shop with temporary wooden walls. It took ages to do but towards the end it looked really good, I posted a video in it on my YouTube channel. However, in life nothing is ever easy and you should always have a plan B. We learnt this the hard way when in the week run up of the light switch on, the weather took a turn and destroyed the whole thing. I felt for my sister and brother in law as they’d put in so many hours creating such a great thing for people in the area to enjoy. Therefore, it was thinking caps on and plan B put into action. We decided to transform half of the stable into Santa’s hut and what a great idea that was. Honestly what the team put together in the time frame was the perfect grotto and much better than the marquee. So, we took the whole thing as a win because without that gust of wind that broke the marquee, we would have never had this one and the feedback from not only the parents, but the kids has been awesome. Huge thank you to all the staff and family that made it possible. Hard work but worth it to see the families leaving with happy faces.

Pemberton's farm shop

It was then onto the next job of the week, which was saying goodbye to our Highland bull Moretti. What a boy he was. We rent a Highland bull every year to serve our lovely lady highlands, fingers crossed he did his job right before we said goodbye. Here at Pemberton’s we love having our highlands they’ve become a big feature in our business, not only at the shop but even in my own logo for my business. Moretti is a very calm bull when handled carefully however this time was a bit different to normal as the BBC north west news tonight came to visit and film the move. We were counting on Moretti to behave for the cameras and he didn’t let the team down. Father and I manged it in front of all the cameras with no problem (PHEW) ha-ha. It’s always interesting with me filming most things but this time having a full team doing it I felt the pressure a lot more. I am used to filming myself not being filmed so put me out of my comfort zone but in a good way. Having the BBC there gave me a taste for TV and I’ll admit I enjoyed it, (if your reading Country File get in touch ha-ha, I wish). Everyone who came from BBC was great though and weren’t afraid to muck in, they even helped me bed up a calf shed.

Highland bull on farm

Last big job of the month was for the Tup to meet the ewes. A lot of people see the cute lambs in spring but don’t realise the work starts now to ensure they are born around that time of year. Before putting them back outside though we wanted to check their feet to ensure they were all doing well, healthy and ready to meet the tup before hopefully getting ready to have babies. We don’t have many sheep on the farm due to us being so busy and only needing a certain amount for the shop. Therefore, this time of year we rent some of our field out to another local farmer for his sheep to come on the land also. This works really well and is nice to still see our fields full of livestock over the winter months. Another great month rounded up for you all, I hope you enjoyed the read and look forward to catching up next month. Have a great Christmas everyone and happy new year! I can’t quite believe it is the end of 2019. See you in all 2020!



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