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Musto Technical Tweed Cap

£58.95 GBP

Men's Technical Country Tweed Flat Cap by Musto

A premium quality technical tweed shooting cap, in two handsome designs     

This technical tweed cap is a Musto best seller, favoured by shooting and country enthusiasts  

Durable water repellent outer and a comfortable, warm cotton lining 

Lambswool tweed for warmth and weather resistance

96% Wool for warmth and feel, 4% Poly-amide for wear resistance

Fully Lined. Fitted with band (non elasticated) to ensure cap does not slip once in position. The peak is fully stitched to body of cap and does not allow the cap to be worn with the upper portion up

Colours: Balmoral 496, Dunmhor 495 


To find your fit, measure around the crown of your head, approx 1 inch above your eyebrows to get your exact head size.

Sizes M L XL XXL
UK Sizes 7 1/8 7 5/8 7 5/8 7 3/4
Euro Size Cm 58cm 59cm 60cm 61cm


Musto Geelong lambswool is sustainably and responsibly sourced from sheep herds located in Victoria, Australia. These herds graze in quality assured pastures to ensure the health of the animals, as well as the premium quality of the wool.