Men’s Waxed Jackets and Gilets

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    For stellar protection you can rely upon from foul weather, look no further than our selection of men’s waxed jackets and gilets. Using centuries-old waterproofing techniques that originated in the Scottish sailing industry, our traditional waxed coats and jackets promise practical performance. They’re an essential addition to your wet-weather wardrobe and a typical feature of countryside fashion. 


    Durability and style: waxed jackets and gilets for men

    There’s a timeless quality about our waxed jackets for a very good reason: not only do they use waxed cotton - or oilskin - that has a very long history of keeping people warm and dry outdoors, but these jackets feature designs suited to every season and occasion. When you invest in a new coat from our range, there’s no chance of it falling out of fashion. 

    Made from cotton that is woven into a strong canvas fabric, these coats are treated with a wax or oil mixture that creates a barrier that is highly resistant to wind and water and will continue shedding rain, even during the most prolonged downpour. Even better, however, is that the material remains fully breathable. As a result, your new jacket might well end up being the most comfortable raincoat you’ve ever owned. 

    It’s easy to wax lyrical about the versatility of these jackets. They’re the outerwear of choice for all-weather country activities: whether you’re out fishing, riding, hunting, dog walking or farming, there’s no chance the rain will dampen your spirits - or the inside of your coat. You can also rely on large pockets to give plenty of storage, as well as a place to keep your hands warm when the weather gets that little bit too much.

    As with everything that we sell, practicality remains the name of the game here. Our range comes in a variety of sizes and styles: choose from long wax coats for more coverage, quilt padded wax jackets for greater warmth and insulation and classic wax coats for the most traditional styling. Their smart linings featuring check, tartan and tweed give a nod to the quality and luxury of these coats, while in-built and detachable hoods ensure full body coverage from the elements. 

    We’re proud to sell a range of brands including Sherwood Forest, Hoggs of Fife and British-made Bronte, so browse them below. 

    How to care for your waxed jacket 

    Our jackets are designed to last but they do need a helping hand once in a while. Reproofing your jacket with the aid of a professional wax dressing will nourish the cotton, preventing it from drying out and cracking, and thus preserving its water resistant layer. This also helps to prevent wear along the jacket’s seams, which can also lead to leaks. 

    There’s no hard and fast rules for when your jacket needs reproofing. However, uneven colour, shiny or dry areas or places on the fabric where moisture no longer beads on the surface are generally indications that your coat needs some attention. 

    For full details of how to re wax your jacket, read about our products for leather and wax clothing and footwear

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