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Anatom Footwear - Superior Hiking and Walking Boots and Shoes

DISCOVER ANATOM Hiking and walking boots Interior comfort, exterior performance – that’s how Anatom, a proudly Scotland based footwear company, both figuratively and literally fill up their boots.



Their determination into understanding the footwear market inside and out is illustrated through their extensive and continual research into how to get the best out of a boot. For it wasn’t only one or two pairs of feet which helped Anatom design their range; over 60,000 pairs of feet were measured in order to determine just what it takes to protect and support the foot.

It is clear that Anatom don’t just make boots; they craft them. They use their firm Scottish roots to not only stay true to who they are as a brand, but to physically test the quality and durability of every Anatom product. Scotland’s terrain and weather provide the perfect match for the walking boots and trail shoes Anatom are proud to have created, and which we are proud to stock. Boggy fells, rocky ridges, and winter peaks – Anatom footwear has come up fighting against it all!

So it’s no wonder that they say owning a pair of Anatom boots means becoming part of their journey together. Anatom have laid the groundwork, all the way right up to the edge of the mountain - all you need to do is find the right pair of boots for you and start climbing. What are you waiting for? Grab your boots and let’s go!

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Anatom Ballater Womens Walking Shoe

Available Sizes

EU 37

Available Colours

Brown Nubuck

Anatom Q1 Ballater Women's Trail Shoe