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These quality gardening trousers are the perfect blend of everything an avid gardener needs for their work.

Gardening pants need to be suitable to withstand plenty of movement, and that's why these designs have practical features built in. There are those with elasticated waists for a comfy fit, those that allow for knee pads when spending time weeding, and those with extra pockets and knife holders for all those sharp tools and essential gardening bits. Durable materials are also prioritised, with double stitching helping to prolong the life of garments that are bound to be well used!

This collection holds the comfiest trousers in a range of colours to suit every passionate gardener's taste. Easily match with your favourite wellies or clogs for great outdoor gear that suits any green-thumb enthusiast. Plus, look for our fantastic waterproof gardening trousers that are a smart choice for protection during those rainy days or dewy mornings.

Whether you're a professional gardener, or you just love to spend time outdoors in the garden, it's important to make sure you have a pair of gardening trousers which you can rely upon.

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