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With their superior quality and functionality, these cooler and fleece rugs are a valuable addition to any equestrian's tack collection.

Our collection holds choices from fantastic equestrian brands like Weatherbeeta and Saxon, who offer only the best in horse products by incorporating innovative materials and exceptional designs. There is a choice of colours, various styles, and sizes to cater to different horse breeds and rider preferences.

Both horse cooler rugs and fleece rugs offer a wide range of benefits. They not only provide warmth and comfort for horses, but also help protect their coat and prevent muscle stiffness. Fleece rugs offer excellent insulation to keep the horse warm, and also have moisture-wicking properties. Plus, they feature a snug fit for maximum coverage and protection to horses, particularly in cold weather.

Cooler rugs are designed to be used after intense training workouts or during cooler weather. These rugs are specially crafted to wick away moisture from the horse's body, allowing them to dry quickly and effectively. The breathable fabric helps regulate the horse's body temperature, preventing overheating and ensuring a happy horse!

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