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Horse headcollars are an essential item of equestrian equipment for horse owners.

Mainly used to lead a horse from one place to another and for tying the horse to a post or fence, a head collar typically consists of a noseband, a neck strap, and a throat latch. It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for multiple purposes, including grooming, veterinary care, and transportation.

A horse headcollar must fit correctly to ensure the safety and comfort of the animal. It should be snug, but not too tight, to avoid putting undue pressure on the horse's head and neck. A loose-fitting headcollar can easily slip off, causing the horse to escape or become entangled in the lead rope. It is important to choose a headcollar that is the correct size, as well as being sturdy and durable to withstand the horse's weight and strength.

There are different types of horse headcollars available on the market in a range of sizes. Padded headcollars provide extra cushioning for horses, particularly those with sensitive skin. Leather, rope, and nylon headcollars are also always popular for those looking for a gorgeous headcollar for their horse.

We have a wide selection from top equestrian brands like John Whitaker, WeatherBeeta, and Saxon. The horse accessories from these well-known trusted brands come in a selection of colour combinations, and offer great matches with the rest of their equestrian product collections.

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