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In 1890, Joseph Opinel invented the pocket knife that today proudly bears his name, and subsequently became an indispensable item.

Its smart, simple classic design has made the Opinel flip-knife a world-renowned design and it is commonly referred to as THE French knife. Opinel's folding knife has been adopted worldwide and is now recognised as design icon.

The Opinel knives are known for their slim and slimline look, as well as their simplicity and practicality. These knives are perfect for a variety of tasks, from slicing vegetables to cutting paper. Whether you need tools for DIY, a pocket knife for EDC, or even a cooking kit for Bushcraft expeditions, this knife collection is your one-stop shop. 

This range of knives is not only extremely functional, but they are also incredibly beautiful. With precision-shaped blades and safe locking mechanisms, they are ideal for precision tasks. Plus, their wooden handles are remarkably comfortable and contribute to the unique feeling they provide while holding them.

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