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Horse sheets and rugs serve multiple purposes, providing both practical and aesthetic benefits.

Firstly, they help to protect the horse from external elements such as dust, dirt, and insects. By placing a sheet or rug over the horse's body, it acts as a barrier against unwanted irritants, ensuring that the horse's coat remains clean and pristine.

Additionally, these sheets and rugs often feature breathable and moisture-wicking properties, preventing the horse from getting overheated or sweaty during intense activities. This not only ensures the horse's comfort but also helps to maintain its optimal performance levels throughout the show and when riding.

Secondly, these horse accessories serve an aesthetic function by enhancing the horse's overall appearance and presentation. The crisp and polished appearance provided by these sheets and rugs can make a significant impact in the show ring, creating a visually pleasing and coordinated look for both the horse and rider.

Our collection features beautiful designs from Weatherbeeta and are great choices for any competition. 

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