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Fleece Neck Gaiter | Scarf | Hat

$5.00 USD
THIN 418

Thermal Fleece Snood

Is it a hat, is it a scarf? Well, you can wear it as both, but it probably works best round your neck stopping heat loss between your coat and your throat.

Wear under chin or pull up to cover nose and bottom of ears - add a hat, or another gaiter to stay really warm

More practical than a scarf, it fits straight away without wrapping and adjustment

Makes a tremendous difference in the cold, makes any coat more effective, probably the best cost to performance product available

Perfect protection from the cold - quick and cheap solution to heat loss

Folds easily into a pocket, and is always on hand when you need it

Unbeatable value product

Simple and practical

Adjustable for perfect fit, elasticated cord with adjusting bobble

Soft and comfortable against the skin

Fabric: 100% Polyester Fleece

Soft and durable, and washes easily.
ONE SIZE Colour: Black