The History of Hoggs of Fife

The History of Hoggs of Fife

As an owned and operated family business ourselves, Hollands has always been impressed with the rich history surrounding Hoggs of Fife.

This Scottish brand has been under family ownership since it began over 130 years ago, and has always focused on those family values which sees them thrive and continue to consolidate their reputation in the industry.

Today, anyone looking for quality country clothing and footwear will find that Hoggs of Fife is the name to trust. It's no secret that they are often the brand of choice for those in the agricultural community.

The reason for Hoggs' success lies right at the beginning of their story and is still evident in their products today. So, let's take a look into the history of this fascinating family business and see why Hoggs of Fife has always been synonymous with high quality.  


Andrew T. Hogg: Founder of Hoggs of Fife

Andrew T. Hogg

Andrew T Hogg had a deep appreciation for the countryside and the people who lived there, making it his mission to provide the best possible products to those who shared his passion.

He created the first Fife Leather Boots in 1888, after setting up a small workshop in Strathmiglo, where he would spend a great deal of time innovating and perfecting the art of leather craftsmanship for his hand-made leather footwear.

His dedication to excellence has been carried through the generations at Hoggs of Fife, with his vision shaping the success of the company to this very day.

Overall, Andrew is remembered for his pioneering spirit and his life continues to serve as an inspiration to not only the company itself, but also the country enthusiasts who value the quality and craftsmanship of the Hoggs of Fife brand.


The First Hoggs of Fife Boots

Hoggs of Fife Boots

The first Hoggs of Fife boots were crafted with the finest materials to withstand the rigours of farm work. These boots made an immediate impact and were an instant demand amongst farm workers, becoming a hallmark of quality country footwear.

These innovative farm boots set the standard for the durable and comfortable footwear the company is still known for today. This welted country footwear was the first step in the journey towards the legacy of Hoggs of Fife boots. 

This legacy still lives on today, with Hoggs of Fife's comprehensive range of footwear available for country professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 


Great War & Hoggs of Fife Boots

The Great War had a significant impact on the existence of Hoggs of Fife and the production of their boots.

During that time, the company took on a critical role in producing boots for the British army. Notably, Andrew Hogg was commissioned to make boots for the army based on his reputation for producing high-quality footwear.

Hoggs of Fife boots played a crucial role in the war effort, ensuring that soldiers had durable and comfortable footwear to support them in the challenging conditions of the battlefield. Their boots' quality and performance under these extreme conditions helped to establish Hoggs of Fife's reputation as a top-quality boot manufacturer.

The brand's commitment to producing high-quality footwear and their contribution to the war effort still remains a significant part of their legacy today.


20th Century Performance Clothing

Agricultural Workers in Hoggs of Fife Shirts

In the 20th century, the brand expanded its offerings to include performance clothing for the agricultural community and country professionals.

Utilising their established expert craftsmanship skills and attention to detail, their range of country clothing became known as trusted to withstand the demands of country living. 

Although the company was expanding, and rightfully so with the quality they had to offer, they remained true to the values set by Andrew Hogg himself - which is to create honest, well-made products for the farming community and beyond. 


4th Generation of Fife Family

Hoggs of Fife Logo

At the heart of the brand's success is the Fife Family, who have been the driving force behind it.

Now run by the fourth generation of the Fife family, Hoggs has remained committed to providing both style and functionality in its collection of clothing and footwear. The brand recognises the unique needs of the agricultural community and country professionals and strives to meet those needs with its products.

Whether you're looking for a garment for work or leisure, Hoggs of Fife has something to offer for everyone.


Who are Hoggs of Fife Today?

This brand has a solid reputation for producing hard-wearing and quality products that are built to withstand the elements.

They have three main collections:

  • Field Pro - technical garments designed specifically for the hunting and shooting community
  • Country Lifestyle - stunning clothing and footwear to wear during outdoor adventures
  • Hoggs Professional - performance workwear centred around the modern country worker.


Benefits of Hoggs of Fife Boots and Clothing

As we've seen throughout exploring the history of Hoggs, they have a foundation based on their unwavering commitment to durability.

This assures people that their products will stand the test of time - creating tremendous loyalty amongst their customers.

Alongside this established durability, there are many other benefits of owning a Hoggs garment:

  • Attention to Detail - crafted with quality materials, with subtle country-inspired touches throughout
  • Great Value for Money - affordable, yet designed to last = win, win situation!
  • Innovative Features - Hoggs utilises modern technologies and fabric advancements to provide the best for their customers
  • High Quality Craftsmanship - you can see and feel the difference when it comes to Hoggs clothing and footwear due to their optimal comfort 
  • Wide Range of Products - whether you need farming boots, a shooting jacket, or a new tattersall shirt, you can find it within the Hoggs' collections. 



So, as we've seen, this Scottish family firm was built around hard-wearing products that suited the farming and agricultural communities.

This has led them to where they are today, with key products in their range continuing to flourish, and new lines being developed to create fantastic protection for the wearer.

But regardless of their well-deserved success, Hoggs has continued to stay true to their heritage, and to the first steps taken in a pair of Hoggs of Fife boots. And that's why they have always been a name you can trust. 

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