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Equip yourself with an EDC knife from our handpicked collection and always be ready to tackle life in the countryside.

Meeting the criteria for knife laws in the UK, these are essential accessories for anyone who lives or works in rural areas.  Offering a balance of resilience, practicality, and everyday carry, we have a fantastic range of popular knives from some of the best names in the business.

Choose from the likes of Opinel and Victorinox, who bring incredible expertise and designs to the world of legal carry knives. Using durable materials, like stainless steel, and ensuring well-rounded details like comfortable handles and good edge retention, you can pick your favourite design and be assured you're getting a perfect knife you will be glad to have on hand.

When life calls for a slice of ingenuity, reach for your everyday knife. DIYers love it for sizing up materials, stripping wires, and fine-tuning projects. Nature's unpredictability is matched by the reliability of these all-purpose tools - ideal for hikers and campers. And, of course, farmers can't be without an EDC knife, with it helping with everything from tending to crops to a quick repair on a fence.

Browse our robust and versatile selection of pocket knives and multi tools that are the go-to choice for daily carry. 

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