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HJ Hall socks was founded in 1882 and is still going strong, so you can be assured that you’re getting a product that has been well designed and made with care.

The founder, John Hall, was from a farming community and wanted to manufacture hosiery which was long-lasting, to match the dedication his community had to their agricultural careers. The quality range of products from this British sock company continues to impress, and is perfect for all your outdoor adventures. 

Made with cotton, wool, or high wool or cotton blend fabrics for comfort and durability, this trusted brand has been worn by professional explorers, as well as weekend countryside strollers. The ProTrek line is a brilliant example of the high quality and design that goes into HJ Hall products. These socks were worn by team Polar Horizon in 2007 during the toughest race in the world, The Polar Race. Despite travelling 350 miles across the arctic, team Polar Horizon was the only team not to get any blisters. HJ Hall has also built partnerships with British celebrities such as adventurer Ben Fogle and entrepreneur Peter Jones.

So, whether you’re taking the dog for a walk, looking after the farm in your wellies, heading to a job site in your work boots, or going trekking over difficult terrain in a sturdy pair of walking boots, you’ll find the right socks for the job here.

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