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Adapting your wardrobe to the colder months is made simple with a classic trapper hat from our collection.

Keeping your head and neck warm throughout chilly conditions, this headwear is seen as a winter season essential. Perfect for hunting and hiking, they are also a wise choice for when the temperatures drop right down.

Each feature has been specifically incorporated to provide maximum warmth and protection during outdoor activities and country sports. Instantly recognisable, these hats with ear flaps have warm faux fur or fleece linings and front brims. What's particularly loved about trapper hats is that the ear flaps can be worn down or secured atop the crown of the hat, optimising their versatility. 

Our collection has great choices from favourite brands like Hoggs of Fife and Jack Pyke, with a range of styles and designs. Whether you want an understated hunting hat or something fully insulated for bitter weather, we have the ideal option for you. These hats are a cosy alternative to beanies and bobble hats, offering more substantial ear and neck protection. 

Transform your country clothing and enjoy the comfort and cosiness of a trapper hat. 

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