Peltor 3M SportTac DigiCam Digital Camo Print Review

Peltor 3M SportTac DigiCam Digital Camo Print Review

Peltor 3M SportTac Ear Defenders Review

The Peltor 3M SportTac DigiCam Digital Camo Print is a standout option in the world of ear defenders.

Not only does it offer superior noise reduction capabilities, but it also does so in style. With its modern design and digital camo print, you can efficiently protect your ears and look good while doing so.

But, with so many options out there, how do you know that this is as good as it appears to be? Well, in this blog post, we're going to help shed some light! We'll talk you through the key features, plus outline the pros and cons, so you can determine whether this shooting ear protection is the one to join you out in the field.


When Would You Wear Ear Defenders?

Ear defenders, also known as earmuffs or ear protectors, should be worn in various situations where excessive noise levels can pose a risk to hearing health.

Here are some specific instances when it is recommended to wear ear defenders:

  1. Shooting and Hunting: Even a single gunshot can cause significant hearing damage, so consistent use of ear defenders is essential for those who enjoy these traditional country sports.
  2. Occupational Settings: If you work on construction sites, manufacturing plants, airports, or any other industry or environment with loud machinery, equipment, or processes, you need to protect your hearing from excessive noise levels.
  3. Motorsports and Racing: In sports such as auto racing, motorcycling, and karting, the engine noise can reach dangerously high levels. Wearing suitable ear protection reduces the risk of hearing damage and can improve concentration.
  4. Music and Entertainment: We've all come out of a concert with our ears ringing! So those who are working long hours near or in close proximity to the speakers or amplifiers should always opt to use ear protection to protect their hearing from loud music and live performances.
  5. DIY and Home Improvement: When engaging in DIY projects involving power tools such as drills, saws, or lawnmowers, it is essential to wear ear defenders to block out the noisy environments produced by these tools.


Main Benefits of Ear Defenders

Man wearing Peltor ear defenders outdoors

When it comes to protection for activities such as shooting, it's common sense to focus on clothing and footwear. However, individuals often overlook the importance of protecting their eyes and ears.

You should always be well-informed about your surroundings and take the crucial steps to protect your hearing whilst in environments with loud noises. 

The main benefits of ear defenders are to:

  • Protect the ears from excessive noise levels
  • Significantly lower the decibel level of sounds, making them more comfortable and tolerable
  • Maintain situational awareness and help individuals stay focused on tasks without distractions
  • Provide relief by dampening or blocking out noise, creating a more comfortable environment
  • Preserve hearing and prevent any auditory issues.


Key Features of the Peltor 3M SportTac DigiCam Digital Ear Defenders

The Peltor SportTac DigiCam Digital Ear Defenders are a hugely popular, intelligent form of shooting ear protection.

Although you can use them for the other activities outlined earlier, they have been specifically designed with the shooter in mind. 

Key features include:

  • Audio input for connecting internal and external radio
  • Approved PPE directive 89/686/EEC
  • Approved EMC directive 89/336/EEC
  • Lightning speed electronics
  • Gel sealing rings
  • Level dependent function for less interference
  • Attenuation of 29dB
  • Great sound reproduction
  • Interchangeable Shells.


Pros and Cons of the Peltor 3M SportTac DigiCam Digital Ear Defenders


Peltor 3M SportTac DigiCam Digital Ear Defenders Camo Print against a white background

These Peltor ear defenders offer several benefits to shooters heading to the range or out into the field. 

As is typical of Peltor, the design prioritises functionality, comfort, and innovation to provide the following advantages listed below.


  1. Digital Sound Enhancement Technology: These ear defenders amplify low-level sounds while compressing loud sounds. This allows users to hear important ambient noises like conversation or range commands, while still providing effective and high protection levels.
  2. Comfortable Design: The adjustable padded headband and cushioned ear cups ensure a secure and comfortable fit, even during extended use.
  3. Automatic Shut-off: These Peltor ear defenders have an automatic shut-off function that activates after two hours of inactivity. This helps to conserve battery life and ensures the ear defenders are ready for use when needed.
  4. Sleek and Camouflaged Aesthetics: This shooting ear protection allows users to blend in with their surroundings, which is particularly useful for those who utilise camo clothing for their shoots or hunts.
  5. Highly Rated: These hearing protectors have undergone rigorous testing and have received approval in compliance with the PPE directive 89/686/EEC and EMC directive 89/336/EEC. This certification ensures that the product meets the necessary requirements for CE labelling.
  6. Brand Reputation: Boasting over five decades of industry expertise, the reputable Peltor brand guarantees top-notch communication solutions that deliver an ideal fusion of comfort and protection. Learn more about the brand in this great YouTube video!

On the other hand, it is worth paying attention to the following points. 


  1. Weight: Ear defenders do have a heavier feel than earplugs, so this can be down to personal preference
  2. Price: Compared to some shooting ear protection on the market, Peltor ear defenders can be on the pricier side. However, the investment is usually considered to be worth it. 


Are these Peltor Ear Defenders Right for You?

Determining whether the Peltor ear defenders are the right choice for you depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Consider the following two factors:

  1. Purpose: Are you using the ear defenders for shooting, hunting, or other field sports? The Peltor Ear Defenders are designed with features specifically tailored to these activities
  2. Budget: Does this shooting ear protection fit in with the price you are able/willing to pay? The key thing here is that safety should never be compromised when out on the field or at the range.

If you prioritise stylish design and advanced features, the Peltor 3M SportTac DigiCam Digital Ear Defenders may be a top contender.

These ear defenders offer a range of features such as digital sound enhancement technology, comfortable design, automatic shut-off, and a camouflaged print. All of these combined create a product that will provide you with the safety and effective protection you need for an enjoyable shooting experience.


Alternative Shooting Ear Protection

If you're looking for options, there are several alternative products available on the market.

We suggest having a closer look at our range of ear defenders, such as:

Remember to consider factors such as comfort, noise reduction rating (NRR), and any additional features that are important to you when choosing alternative shooting ear protection.

It's also worth noting that we offer great earplugs or electronic hearing protection for shooters and hunters. For further information, take a look at our product collection or have a read of our informative blog post on all things shooting ear protection.



There is nothing like going to the gun range after a long day, especially if you have a passion for hunting or shooting. It is an excellent way to relieve stress, but, without proper ear protection, the call of the wild may not be heard in your future.

Protecting your ears while shooting is the responsible thing to do, and we believe that Peltor ear defenders are the ones to do it with. Browse our fantastic range and enjoy top-quality shooting ear protection.

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