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Reliable, secure, and superior quality, Peltor ear defenders are the perfect choice for protection against noisy environments. 

With over 50 years experience in the industry, you can trust Peltor to provide you with the best in ear defence. Spending time in hazardous and high noise environments means you can put your hearing at risk if you don't have the correct safety supplies. Shooters and hunters, construction workers, anyone out in noise-hazard environments needs equipment that provides a level of comfort and security for its user. 

Peltor offers you a range of ear defenders that will put your mind at ease and your safety at the forefront. Peltor ear defenders are based on a technology with a double casing minimising resonance in the holder casing, maximising high-frequency attenuation. They are designed to be worn over your head and can be easily adjusted to fit snugly.

They also have level-dependent protection, which means that they will filter out harmful noise levels but allow you to hear low-level sounds, such as conversations.The care and attention Peltor puts into its wide range of products is seen through the added features it offers, such as replacement hygiene kits and collapsible headbands.

Anyone wearing a pair of Peltor ear defenders knows they are equipped with active shooting ear protection that will allow them to enjoy the day. 

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